Are you a true AC/DC Fan?

AC/DC is one of the greatest bands ever. They rock from the 70's through the 80's and even to this day. Their powerful lyrics and epic guitar riffs... well.. ROCK!

Are you a true AC/DC fan? DO you know the band that has ruled the Earth for the past 30 years? Before this quiz, it could only be judged by how many songs you knew were theirs. Now, you can find out with this quiz.

Created by: Tyler

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  1. Have you ever bought an AC/DC album
  2. How many songs can you name off the top of your head
  3. Have you ever memorized the lyrics to any of the songs
  4. How many songs can you actually play
  5. What would you do to get AC/DC concert tickets
  6. Who is your favorite band member
  7. Who do you think the best lead singer is
  8. How many drummers has AC/DC had
  9. What type of guitar does Angus play
  10. How old was Angus when AC/DC was formed
  11. When was their latest album released
  12. What was the name of their first US album

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Quiz topic: Am I a true AC/DC Fan?