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Try To Play My Random Quiz Of No Sense! It's going to be the the trip of a life time! so why don't you try it? it's going to be the best that can be! so try and beat it!

This quiz will be a random quiz try doing it and see what score you get? this quiz is my first quiz so hope you like it! I thought of the most random questions!

Created by: Behzad

  1. Bad Or Good?
  2. Mighty Mose Or Toes?
  3. Battle Rainbows Do You Wanna Do It?
  4. I Say We Punch A Bucket!
  6. Swim Or Walk?
  7. Rainbows!!!
  8. Jakal Or Meta?
  9. Do You Like Quizzes That You Win?
  10. Marko!...

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