How much do you know about random TV shows?

Do you know random facts about random TV shows and movies? We'll hope you do because this quiz is full of them. Please have fun with this quiz. :) XD

If you are reading this please take some of my other quizzes and leave some ideas for my next quizzes. Right now I'm looking for some TV shows/movies to make quizzes about. If I use this you get a free shoutout. Thanks :)

Created by: Raptor Gal

  1. Spongbob (Spongbob Squarepants) is what colour.
  2. Fat Amy (Pitch Perfect) real name is?
  3. Bugs Bunny (Loony toons) doesn't wear gloves.
  4. Maggie (The Simpsons) bow is what colour?
  5. Owen (Total Drama World Tour) came what place?
  6. Nibbler (Futerama) the Nibbonain, is owned by?
  7. Obi-Wan (Star Wars the Clone Wars) has what colour eyes?
  8. In the movie 'Mulan' the small dragons name is?
  9. The wolf known as 'Classified' (Penguins of Madagascar the movie) real name is?
  10. Cosmo and Wanda (Fairy Oddparents) describe their crowns as?
  11. Pronto's (Slugterra) flatulorhinkus slug's name is?
  12. When does Baymax (Big Hero 6) say this line? 'May I interest you in a painkiller'
  13. In 'the Lion King' Timon states that the stars are?
  14. What best describes Finn (Adventure Time) personality?
  15. In the TV show 'Deadly 60' what's the hosts name?
  16. In the science show 'Mythbusters' which team member weighs as much as Buster?
  17. In the movie 'Khumba' the main character is?
  18. When infiltrating the H.I.V.E Beast boy (Teen Titans Go!) goes under the name.
  19. Danny (Danny Phantom) has what symbol on his chest in his chest in ghost form?
  20. Ben's cousin's (Ben 10) name is?
  21. Princess Jasmine (Aladdin) has a pet what?
  22. In the show 'Pixelface' Claireparker is the avatar in what game?
  23. Fred (Scooby-doo) last name is?
  24. 'Regular Show' mainly takes place in?
  25. Dizzy the cement mixer in 'Bob the Builder' is what colour?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about random TV shows?