Character Quiz Bones/ The Mentalist

Are you a fan of the show, 'Bones'? How about, 'The Mentalist'? Have you ever wondered which character you would be if you were in these shows? Well the wait is over!

This quiz combines the two shows, and after taking it tells you which character you would be out of ALL the main characters from the two shows combined. So let the testing begin!

Created by: pseudonym
  1. What is your favorite music?
  2. Your favorite TV show is...
  3. Your love life is..
  4. Have you ever pushed a door that said pull?
  5. Someone tells you they can read your mind and to think of something. You do, and they guess what you are thinking. They are correct; how do you react?
  6. Someone you know is going to be spending Christmas alone. You...
  7. All the evidence in a case points to one person... except for one piece. You...
  8. Someone close to you dies. You...
  9. A random person walks up to you and hugs you; how do you react?
  10. Your partner tells you they love you. You...

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