Do you know Dry Bones?

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Ah, Dry Bones. Some people think he's cool. Others might think he's annoying. Fangirls WILL think he's adorable. But do you know that much about him?

Now remember: No cheating! We want the results to be given fairly, don't we? Yes, we do. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go! Don't just dilly-dally doing nothing!

Created by: Dark Skeleton
  1. Which out of these lines does Dry Bones say?
  2. Where did "Sad Dry Bones" come from?
  3. When did Dry Bones first make his appearance with Boo Diddly?
  4. What are Dry Bones and Boo called together in Mario Party 8?
  5. When a Dry Bones attacks Mario or Luigi successfully, what does he do?
  6. How does Dry Bones respond when Bowser says "I am really insulted!"?
  7. What is Dry Bones' Psychopath thought?
  8. What is Dry Bones' second kart on Mario Kart DS?
  9. Does Dry Bones appear in Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island or Yoshi's Island DS?
  10. In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, where is Dry Bones found?
  11. What is Dry Bones' BAD Chemistry?
  12. What is Dry Bones' Portuguese name?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Dry Bones?