How fun are you?

Man, you know, I have been around some REALLY boring people and some really FUN guys too... yea... i think i say yea too much, yea? Idid it again... oh well!

Just take the quiz. Now. DO IT. OR I WILL USE YOUR BONES AS TOOTHPICKS!!! this has been really fun, yes, it has... oh yea, baby! I really hate work.

Created by: birdx3

  1. You're at an amusement park. Which ride do you choose?
  2. You're at an amusement park. Which ride do you choose?
  3. You enter a talent show. So,what's your act?
  4. There's a fire in school/work/WHATEVER THE HELL PLACE YOU'RE IN.Your reaction?
  5. Ok guys. This is my first quiz,it might be ridiculus,yes it is. Your at a party at work/school. Your friends dare you to do something. What do you do?
  6. you probally know this was coming. *thunderstorm* what is your favourite colour?
  7. the rest of these questions don't count,k?
  8. god, don't you think I'm awesome???
  9. oh well... can you guess my name?
  10. what'cha doin'?

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Quiz topic: How fun am I?