are you boring or bouncy

There are many boring people but I truly hope that people who have taken this quize are being honest and truthful and honest and very bouncy. Just the little things like that

Now think to yourself. Are you a borer or a bouncer? If you are a bouncer then yey This is the greatest quiz ever to take. Younge or old. Its for all ages x you can only wonder ... until now Good for you

Created by: jodie

  1. When you are free, what do you like to do?
  2. On the "my time" days, do you
  3. Are you a party person? Be honest!!!!
  4. Are you boring
  5. Or you boring or bouncy
  6. How do you know
  7. How do you dress
  8. Are you open to the public
  9. Are you male or female
  10. Are you a drama queen
  11. Do you need attention
  12. Are you dramatic and needs things done your way or layed back and loves whats going on

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Quiz topic: Am I boring or bouncy