How fun are you?

There are alot of people who are fun. At the smae tim there are boring people. take the quiz to find out who you are. It rates from boring too extremely fun.

Are you fun? Are you boring? Are you in the middle? If you dont know, taking this quiz will solve all of your questioning probems! have fun and find out! :)

Created by: David

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  1. Would you rather go hiking or bicycling?
  2. Would you rather go to Disney or Paris for any celebration?
  3. For Christmas, would you rather hang with friends or family or sleep through Christmas?
  4. On Saturday, would you rather sleep with your boyfriend, go shopping with friends and/or family, or sleep all day?
  5. Would you rather watch T.V or play baseball?
  6. Would you rather play video games or cook?
  7. (sorry. i got tired of typing) swimming or sleeping
  8. trampoline or jogging?
  9. walking or eating?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How fun am I?