Are you funny or boring?

Welcome to our Quiz !!!!!!!! Then we will see if you are funny or boring. We hope you enjoy it !!!!! In the next paragraph you are going to see what you have to do. Sol and Lula.

First you have to read the questions or the situations, and decide into two options. And then, when you finish, you will see if you are a funny or boring person.

Created by: Luana y Sol

  1. What do you do in a party?
  2. In a pajama party!
  3. At the weekend
  4. In the school breaks
  5. In summer holidays
  6. Someone invate you to a party
  7. A friend is crying
  8. In sports You are in a competition.
  9. In a test
  10. You lost your backbag and the you found it.

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Quiz topic: Am I funny or boring?