I dare you to take my music quiz

I made a poll and the people voted a music quiz so here you go. Hope you enjoy taking it I enjoyed making it. Please take one of my other quizzes if you want.

The quiz involves random questions about random band and groups. So please if you like it and scored well rate it and comment if you want more or have any suggestion for new ones.

Created by: SN1P3RL4ZY

  1. 50 cent is what kind of artist?
  2. Which of these albums is a metallica album?
  3. Which of these is a three days grace song?
  4. Which of these is a skillet song?
  5. The song lustbug is performed by which artist?
  6. Whiskey in a jar is performed by which band?
  7. Which is a motorhead song?
  8. The pretender is a song by?
  9. Charlie scene is a band member from what band?
  10. Sonny moore is also known as?
  11. I hate everything about you is a song by?

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