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Hello :D This is a quiz about different songs. This was requested by my friend :) I love music and gaming with a passion so i thought making quizzes about the things i love would be fun.

Because i also love gaming i threw in a game related question, that is still on music. Do you think you can get to 100%? Trust me you will its pretty easy. This is my first quiz and i will bring out more soon :D Hope you enjoy

Created by: Olivia Jade

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  1. Who sings The song "Thats how you know"?
  2. Name the song. "We used to have it all, But nows our curtain call so hold for the applause"
  3. Fill in the blanks. "If i got ......... and we lost it all today ........ would you still love me the same"
  4. Which band sings " Stone walls"
  5. Which rock band sings "Famous Last Words"?
  6. Who sings "Elastic Heart"
  7. What one of these songs is from Eminem?
  8. Which of these songs are in a movie?
  9. Who sings this? "One Last Time"
  10. Final Question!This is for the fnaf gamers. Which of these VideoGame song creators Wrote "Survive The Night"?

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