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So I basically got bored and decided I needed a new quiz on my profile. My go to being music, of course we ended up here. Welcome to my newest music-related quiz. Sorry about the title. This was going to be a lyrics quiz, but it ended up like this, and it won't let me change the title. So sorry friend.

So I basically put my mp3 player on shuffle and went through whatever music I had for this quiz. Do the thing and see the score. That's pretty much it.

Created by: The Coldest Sun

  1. Artist of "Duck and Run":
  2. Artist of "Carry on Wayward Son":
  3. Artist of "Laugh, I Nearly Died":
  4. Artist of "The Kill":
  5. Artist of "The Art of Staying Alive":
  6. Artist of "Sins of the Lion":
  7. Artist of "Love Like War":
  8. Artist of "Girl on Fire":
  9. Artist of "Your Decision":
  10. Artist of "Alerion":
  11. Artist of "Same Old Trip":
  12. Artist of "Down in Flames":
  13. Artist of "Anthem of the Angels":
  14. Artist of "Lies Greed Misery":
  15. Artist of "It's Over When It's Over":
  16. Artist of "Phenomenon"
  17. Artist of "Hemorrhage (in my hands)":
  18. Artist of "Still YDG'N":
  19. Artist of "Age of Ignorance":
  20. Artist of "Love Somebody":
  21. Artist of "Dirty Paws":
  22. Artist of "Badly Broken":

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