Hollywood Undead Lyrics Quiz

Hollywood Undead is a band that was founded in 2005. They have made several albums, including one set to release/released in 2015. The Undead Army will live on!

This quiz has a few different types of questions: Complete the lyrics, Name the song, and insert the correct word. If you are a true fan of Hollywood Undead, 100% is waiting for you.

Created by: HUarmy

  1. "I wake up right about the mid-afternoon with the sun in the sky but night's coming soon"
  2. "I see me, writing on this paper, praying for some savior, wishing to intake her and save her."
  3. "I f---ing swear that I care, but it's hard when you stare into the bottom of a bottle that is empty and bare."
  4. "I loved you, you made me hate me, you gave me hate, see, it saved me, and these tears are deadly!"
  5. "See the exit wound, dear god what have we taken? I guess I'll say a prayer and kiss into the air..."
  6. "Don't you know little ___ they'll lay you to waste man, little do they know, every song is a life span"
  7. "____ like a child, do you know where I came from? No I don't, but I'm singing all the same songs"
  8. "I am a ____ and I want to be free. Do you see the ____ when you look inside of me?"
  9. "My legs are dangling off the edge, the bottom of the bottle is my only friend, I think I'll..."
  10. "Dead wrong I guess you'll be, these voices won't let you leave"
  11. "I'm ashes to ashes, I'm dust to dust, and when a man turns to ashes, forget about love"
  12. "I'm ashes to ashes, I'm dust to dust, and when a man turns to ashes, forget about love"
  13. "Gone too far, yeah I'm gone again, it's gone on too long, I'll tell you how it ends"
  14. Bonus: Who was the first member to leave the Group?

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