Which Hollywood Undead Member Are You?

Which Hollywood Undead Member Are You? Are you a true HU fan? will you get the character you want? or will you get the one that you REALLY did not want? Good luck and enjoy the quiz!

If you like Hollywood Undead, or haven't even heard them, take this quiz! See your results on which one you would be... will you be Danny , Deuce , JDog , Charlie Scene , Johnny 3 Tears , Funny Man or Da-Kurlzz?

Created by: adrian
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. who are your favorites from these slots?
  2. Most memorable toy as a kid?
  3. which is your favorite song from this list?
  4. What kind of boy/girl do you bring home to mom?
  5. Favorite fast-food?
  6. Pick your favorite color out of these...
  7. Who has the best mask?
  8. Favorite album?
  9. Pick the closest to your personality out of these..
  10. Who is you LEAST favorite from the band?

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Quiz topic: Which Hollywood Undead Member am I?