Do you know Hollywood Heights

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There are many fans of all kinds of t.v shows. t.v stands for television i think . Um i really do not know what to say. *yawn* i am a little tired today.

Are you a fan of Hollywood Heights? Are you Truely?? Come take my quiz to see if you really are a true true fan. Come on don't be scared. Come take the quiz!

Created by: ilovedogs
  1. How did Lauren get back into the contest.
  2. Who is Tyler?
  3. Who is Chloe
  4. Who does Adriana go out with?
  5. Who does Melissa like?
  6. What did Phil and Adriana do to Lauren?
  7. How did Eddie's mom die
  8. Is Chloe's mother dead?
  9. What is Chloe's real name?
  10. Why does Chloe want to marry Eddie?

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