How much do you know about the golden age of hollywood?

The golden age of Hollywood is considered the best because, well, it was. Everyone was beyond beautiful, movies were amazing. How well do you think you know about the beginning of the 'talkies'? Find out here!

Do you know vintage Hollywood? Do you know its movies? Its stars? The studios? Find out here! Take this quiz and enjoy! Comment and rate please. And go watch some more old movies!

Created by: Britt518
  1. What star never won an oscar from the following?
  2. What was the first "talkie"?
  3. How many oscars did Joan Crawford win and for which movie?
  4. Which of the following movies featured Greta Garbo?
  5. What studio did Bette Davis work for?
  6. Which of the following was not an MGM movie?
  7. What movie is considered the last money making silent?
  8. What is Harold Lloyd best known for?
  9. What is the first movie to win an oscar?
  10. Who had Clark Gable's love child?
  11. Who had Clark Gable's love child?
  12. What year was Rock Hudson born?
  13. Which of the following have never been onscreen together?
  14. Whose daughter wrote a tell all book about how terrible their mother was?
  15. Who started in Hollywood the earliest?
  16. Which of the following lived the longest?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the golden age of hollywood?