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It's a quiz! I may doubt some people taking it. Hello, it's a quiz. About stories and me being an amateur author. Very amateur indeed. Though, I don't expect much.

Now for the spam. If this is necessary. Music Stories. Music Stories. Music Stories. Music Stories. Music Stories. Music Stories. Music Stories. Music Stories.

Created by: RinRin

  1. Quickly, it's not a quiz to identify if you would like them, it's a quiz to state that I may make quizzes in the future (I'LL BE TOTALLY ORIGINAL AND MAKE TEH ROMANCE ONES :3 )
  2. So, I'm assuming since SOMEONE must've clicked this, that you like to read stories on here? I wasn't originally going to have the stories here, but might as well see. Anyone interested?
  3. As I said before, they'll simply be just romance story quizzes, mixed with a bit of fantasy, or supernatural kind of themed (Yeah, I'm sooo original)
  4. Story one: Setting: Future, Beach side. Genre: Romance, Slice of Life. Pursuable Male Characters: 4 or 5 Title: Summer Adventure, Hint of story: I woke up, at first I was in a daze since I slept for a while. Then I realized, it was finally the first day of my summer break. I looked over at the clock, it was already nearing towards being 12 in the afternoon. I widened my eyes, then got up quickly to go get ready. I had plans with my friends today. Once I was changed, I called to my sister. "SIS! ARE YOU STILL HERE?!" I yelled, a bit too loudly. No responses, so I assumed she already left to meet them. I sighed then ran out the door.
  5. Story Two: Setting: Present, Small town. Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Superpowers. Pursuable Male Characters: -Unknown- Title: -Unknown- Hint of Story: Not too much planned yet, sorry. It's basically about a girl who is different from others, she's known it all her life. Her powers are now becoming unstable. Kinda a classic story, I'll develop it more.
  6. Story Three: Setting: Present, Mall Type Area / At school. Genre: Romance, Slice Of Life. Pursuable Male Characters: -Unknown- Title: Festival Of Love Hint of Story: The girl works at a movie theater that her family owns, her school, and the mall that her families theater is in are both holding festivals for the town. Multiple guys have crushes on the girl. Your basic romance story.
  7. I have plenty more stories, and I may do a few fan-fictions as well. I prefer to keep my romance stories stored on this site, and my other stories on Wattpad (originality over flowing) I would list more stories, but wouldn't a surprise story be enjoyable as well? I really don't have much more to say, I guess I'll just ramble, but please continue to read.
  8. My other story I was writing on here was moved to writing on Wattpad, and will be continued and edited later on. I apologize to anyone who read that story.
  9. My Wattpad name is; RinnyRin It currently only has two stories, both on their first chapters. I have MANY story ideas awaiting to be written, and many on here as well. I hope you'll enjoy. :3
  10. Please Comment about what you think, and Share these ideas with anyone. Thanks. If you steal these I will kill everything you love. Don't be stupid. 'KAY THANKS BYE.

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