The New Moon Quiz

There are many "Twilighters" but little know there Stuff. So take the quiz and find out!!!!!!!! So go on and take the quiz. Go you'll never know until you find out!!!!!

Are YOU a HUGE twilight fan??? Until you take this quiz you will never know!!!!!!! But thanks to me for making this quiz!!!! In just a few minutes you will find out if YOU are a TRUE twilighter.

Created by: Kyndal
  1. On the cover of New Moon,there is a flower, what kind of flower is it?
  2. Who tries to attack Bella when she gets cut at her birthday party?
  3. Bella got tickets for her birthday were too?
  4. After Edward left Bella who did she hang out with?
  5. After Edward heard that Bella died were did he go to ask them to kill him?
  6. Who are the members of the Volturi coven?
  7. When is Bella going to become a vampire?
  8. What color is Bella's Motorcycle?
  9. Does Bella rek the bike?
  10. What movie was Bella and edward watching?

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