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  • Hi there everyone! I'm working my hardest on part two, you see I'm visiting family for a while and won't have my laptop. I understand your concern about the language and I will gladly turn it down a notch :) @angelic4, I get my manga and anime pics off of Google Images. I don't trust downloads so I use the Snipping Tool. Stay tuned and I'm open to all suggestions! P.S. David and I are still together ;)

  • I have too agree with @_ViolaLover_ i'd check out the next part but maybe think about if other people will like whatt you write before you publish it. I mean I like it but the language isn't very good.

  • I agree with violalover u need to clean ur language up a bit don't put the f word cause it is offensive to certain people I learned that the hard way when I lost a friend cause of it

  • Nice quiz, great details, but you really should clean up your language

  • it was a nice quiz, the details were good, but i also agree with violalover, i want to see the next part, and where do u get manga and anime pics

  • gr8 quiz..totally loved it, waiting for next part....:)

  • Nice quiz. [:)]


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