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Welcome to my world.

My name is Carly. In this story, I will walk you through a little twist on my true life story. Where people are half animal, teachers hunt them, and friends become enimies.

Created by: dirtyangel

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  1. "Look out!!" Danielle yelled. I looked up only to see a water balloon explode on my chest. "Ooof!" I stumbled backward. Danielle's hideous brother cackled. "Gotcha!" He yelled. I growled and threw my water balloon right at his face.
  2. Hi. Right now, you're gonna walk through my life, starting with the day I changed forever. The day I fell in love. My name's Carly, at the time, I was only thirteen. It was the middle of July and I was enjoying my summer break at a church function. I was at my friend's pastor's home, we were playing with water balloons, water hoses, and in a mud pit. Yes, that sounds disgusting, but it was a volleyball court dug out and filled with watery mud. When you stepped into it, it was knee deep. I was with my best friend, Danielle. She had invited me to come along, and I was glad. See, I had been homeschooled for five years before and frankly, had no life. I wanted a little fun.
  3. Anyways, we were right in the middle of a water balloon fight. I went back over to the water bucket for more balloons, but ran into someone. "Oops, sorry!" I said. "S'okay" The boy replied. I got a good look at him. Tall, tan, muscular physique. His untidy brown hair swept over his big brown eyes. If I were to describe him in a way people like me (people who are addicted to watching manga), I would have to say he had the body structure of either Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender, or perhaps Ikuto from Shugo Chara. Either way, he was EXTREMELY cute.
  4. Danielle met me over by the bucket. "Wassup?" She asked, and followed my gaze to the boy. "Ohhh" She said with a smile. I saw him throw his last balloon at a girl, and he started running back toward me. My heart jumped out of my chest. "He's coming back." Danielle said. "Duh." I replied. The boy walked over to me and Danielle. "Ah," He smiled. "You again." "Me again." I pointed to myself. "Her again." Danielle pointed to me. "I've never seen you before." Danielle said. "Well, I came with Savannah." He said and pointed to a girl getting pummeled with balloons. "Oh," Danielle said. "That's ... interesting." I was confused. "Is she your girlfriend or something?" I asked. The boy laughed. "God, no. Just a girl I sorta know. I don't have a girlfriend." He said and smiled. "Ah." I said in relief. A water balloon came out of nowhere and hit Danielle in the back of the head. She turned around and saw her brother laughing maniaclally. She growled, grabbed a balloon and charged after him yelling, "You jerk!!" I couldn't help but laugh.
  5. "Your know, I don't even know your name." The boy said. "Carly." I replied. "David." He said. David, such a sweet guy. He seemed fun and energetic. I wanted to learn more about him.
  6. The next two hours were amazing. We played in the mud pit, threw water balloons at each other, and at one point, he picked me up and threw me into the mud. By the time it started getting dark, we were covered head-to-toe in mud. Danielle, however, was completely clean because she decided to go to her friend's house down the street. I was invited to come along, but I had a feeling I should stay. I went over to where a woman was hosing off people. I got next in line and was dosed with freezing water. My shirt got tighter. I shivered in the cold, when I sensed someone looking at me. I turned around and saw David looking over his shoulder to see me.
  7. The sun had set and David and I were talking on the front porch. "Yeah," He said. "Savannah has a HUGE crush on me." I laughed, "I can tell. One of these days you'll wake up with her standing above your bed!" David laughed and said, "Yeah, then she'll tell me she's been there all night!" I cracked up and said, "She'll say 'I told my mom I'd sleep over at your house tonight'." That's when I stopped laughing. At that perfect moment, when I said to David 'I told my mom I'd sleep over at your house tonight', that was when Savannah came around the corner, and was gaping at me and David in shock. I couldn't explain to her that we were making fun of her, what was I gonna do?! That's when someone sprayed her with a hose and she went running after them. I sighed in relief and David was laughing hystericallly. "That was great!" He said, still laughing. We talked for another few minutes before his car showed up. A white van, with little skull stickers showing how many kids they had. I counted, one...two...three.....six?! A woman opened the door and yelled "David!". David looked at me and said, "I'll be right back." I was confused, why did he say he's be right back. I saw him talk to his mom for a minute then he came running back. "I can stay." He said smiling. "You know, until you have to leave." I couldn't believe it, he wanted to stay with me!
  8. My mom soon arrived in her brown truck, she honked her horn and yelled my name. "I have to go." I told David. We both went to our cars, waved goodbye, and left the house. When I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I wanted to kick myself for not getting his number. "Not that it matters..." I said to myself. "He wouldn't like me...he's so hot, and I'm so...not." I tossed and turned in my bed. "Besides...if he knew who I really was...he'd think I'm a freak." I lifted my furry, blonde tail and sighed. I touched my cat ears in regret. "He could never like a Neko." I said and fell asleep.
  9. I feel bad about this, but this is where I end Part 1 :(
  10. What do you think of my boyfriend (David) so far? :)

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