The Myserious Cat

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This quiz is to see if you could make it alive through the Mysterious Cat's maze. Also, if you're wondering why you randomly wake up with an extraordinary headache. Look below for your answer.

The reason why you wake up with an extraordinary headache is because you were climbing up a mountain and you fell and you got knocked out and someone found you and took you as far as they could and left you there.

Created by: Calico

  1. You wake up with an extraordinary headache, you slowly get off the ground, you look around and notice a mysterious cat sitting next to you. You reach your hand out and the cat runs away. You slowly get up and start to follow her. She turns to the right and goes into double wooden doors. You follow closely behind, you turn the corner and she's gone. Do you stop and turn back or do you try to find her?
  2. You turn around and start to walk back but then you realize you're in the middle of nowhere. You turn back around and head into the double wooden doors. As you walk in, the doors quickly shut behind you. You jump, you look around and notice nothing but stone walls. You have two choices, turn left or turn right. Which do you choose? Hint: Left has spiderwebs and mist. Right has a clear path with flowers.
  3. You don't know which path to choose so you lean against the wall. You feel something crawl on your arm you look down and see a tarantula crawling on you. Do you flick it off and step on it or do you keep it?
  4. You suddenly hear a loud bang coming from the left, you quickly jump up and the spider falls off. You start to run through the spiderwebs. You slow down as you realize that no matter how long you run it keeps going on and on and on, you sit on the floor to catch your breath. The spider crawls on you again. "Looking for something?" he asks crawling up to your shoulder. Startled you flick him off. You get up and look around, you spot some rocks sticking out. Should you use them to climb over the wall or look for something else?
  5. You try to climb up the stones but the crumble to pebbles. You start to look around and you see a gap in the wall. You walk up to the wall and try to touch it. At first you think you're hallucinating until you walk forward and you look to your left and notice a pathway. You start to walk, suddenly the ground starts to shake. Do you run to the other side to see if there is a pathway to your right or do you continue to walk this pathway?
  6. You go the way you choose and find a rotten skeleton. You walk around it and turn the corner, you spot the cat you saw earlier. You try to reach out to her but she runs to the right and disappears. You go up to the wall she disappeared at and start to push on the wall. After a couple minutes you hear a ding. You back up and look up, in the distance you see a huge clock on a tower. It says: 4:30 P.M. You shake your head and step forward, the ground shakes once more you look at the floor and one of the platforms disappear. You see a light down there. Do you enter the passageway or do you go to the path to your left?
  7. Do you think you'll make it on time?
  8. Do you think that time matters?
  9. Would you take your time to find the cat?
  10. Do you think you'll survive?
  11. Part two coming up soon.

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