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  • If you had to...
    [published: Jul 14, 2013, 7 comments]

    This quiz is to see if would save yourself and be selfish, save your family and be caring, or save your best…

  • The Myserious Cat
    [published: Jul 14, 2013, 3 comments]

    This quiz is to see if you could make it alive through the Mysterious Cat's maze. Also, if you're wondering…

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  • Haii people~
    "Hello. Goodbye. 1v1 me right now. I gotta go, bye."
  • Haii people~
    "e.e Fight me b----..."
  • Haii people~
    ":/ You're one to talk."
  • Haii people~
    "u.u Nothing. You should ask him to visit you anyways and tell him to bring Kayla with him."
  • Haii people~
    "e.e The two of you...I just...why?"
  • Haii people~
    "I never left him .-. It was just a secret so she wouldn't go to my mom and start telling her lies and shiz."
  • Haii people~
    "Awesome c: I got rid of that annoying little b----. I'm free~"
  • Haii people~
    "OMfG! How is my little kitten? c:"
  • Haii people~
  • Who am I to you?
    "I'm only going to answer the last's because I dun like you .3."
  • "Poke with a hammer"
  • So um...haii
    "Ooh. Well, I'm glad that you're doing well ^-^"
  • So um...haii
    "I am quite wonderful, yourself? c:"
  • So um...haii
    "Hello there ^-^ Yay cx I think this is the first time I'm actually happy to be on here"
  • So um...haii
    "Do you talk much? .3."

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