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This quiz is to see if would save yourself and be selfish, save your family and be caring, or save your best friend no matter what. Have fun and enjoy.

Plus, if you don't get the result you were hoping for, try again or something. I don't really know what you should do actually. Just have fun I suppose.

Created by: Calico
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  1. Who would you save first?
  2. Do you love your family more than anything?
  3. Do you love yourself more than anything?
  4. Do you love your best friend more than anything?
  5. Does your family approve of you being friends with your best friend?
  6. Do you hide everything from your family?
  7. Do you hide everything from your best friends?
  8. Do you push everyone away?
  9. Are you nice to your family and best friend?
  10. Are you bossy to your family and best friend?

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