Are You Smarter Than Dad?

Just seeing if you are smarter than your dad!!! The possibility of this is very slim, and I don't think that this could ever be in this life time. So let me know!

If I stood in the gap to stop the water from flowing to save a village below, then I must do good on this quiz to prove that I am competent enough to come up with a solution to save the people on the mountain.

Created by: Harvey Allen

  1. I was 44 years old in 2016. Ten years ago, I played basketball. I played football after that. How old am I while playing football?
  2. If Jordan was younger than Alana, but older than Amaris, would it be possible for him to ride a bike?
  3. If my home was 10 miles away, and I ran home, would I get home faster if I ran on a tread mill going 20 miles per hour or if I ran home at 5 miles per hour?
  4. How tall is my dad if my arm is 5 inches long and I am 4 feet tall?
  5. If McDonalds uses fake meat, and so does Taco Bell, would that mean that Burger King has better french fries?
  6. If crayola crayons gave you 5 boxes of crayons, how many brown crayons are in each box if they gave you 20 boxes?
  7. 2+2=5 if you add 1
  8. (5+5)+(0+5)= a group of people with 15 smiling faces
  9. If I walked on water, would I be like Peter, who saw Jesus transfigured on the mountain?
  10. 1+1=(2+2)-2

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