the most random quiz ever.

this quiz is so random that it involves solid snake, a block of ice, and a lemon cube. to pass this quiz you will need a box, a straw, a wireless xbox controler. and a spare shoe.

you got all the equipment soldier? ok ready to begin? yeas? good. now really, you better have everything i told you to have. cus if you dont your gonna get eatin. now go. go take the worlds most random quiz.

Created by: Takamishi of Alchemist Lair
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  1. welcome to my quiz. do you think it will be easy?
  2. great. you answered the first question.
  3. pick the answer that is spinning at a 360 degree motion while kick flipping and eating a taco!
  4. are you a male or a female?
  5. lol.
  7. why did you take this quiz?
  8. mooooo.....
  9. yellow.
  10. blue.
  11. SOLID SNAKE!!!!
  12. qwerty.uiop.

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