The Quiz. That's the title.

In this world, we have people. In the people, we have brains. Brains have a tendancy to remember random stuff. This quiz is very random. So use your brain.

Hi, and welcome to the quiz! I am Snowy, and I have made this quiz for you today. You have seen a pig fly, but you have not seen my quiz. If you have... I TOLD YOU TO GO AWAY ALREADY! So enjoy.

Created by: Snowy
  1. Okay, so this question has a correct answer. You've just got to pick the right one. Can you do it?
  2. There are five people in a room. One of them looks north and sees black. One of them looks south and sees black as well. The other two look east and west and sees black. What does the fifth person see?
  3. What is my name?
  4. Pick a number. Any number. But only one is right.
  5. So... let's move on. What is the licence plate number in the music video for Crush? (Figure out who it's by by yourself.)
  6. In the game "Danger By Design," what is the name of the evil person?
  7. What is the Dewey Decimal System?
  8. Is this the last question?
  9. Who are Joe, Bob, and Fred? They starred in a movie with Lulu, about a guy who is sent away to a place and meets a girl. They were also on TV with Lala, another girl.
  10. Based on the last question, what are the right names of the other four people?

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