There are tons of awesome Minecraft players out there...but only a HUNDRED of them are TRUE players...are you a true Player? Find out by taking this kind of short quiz!

So...are YOU A TRUE PLAYER? Do you know everything (mostly everything) about Mineceaft? Are you a noob or a legend? It's not gonna be long before you find out...

Created by: MassiveDestructer04
  1. What hostile mob CANNOT be poisoned?
  2. What is the maximum Y level you can build up to?
  3. What weapon can you NOT hit an Enderman with?
  4. When was Minecraft OFFICIALLY released? (Minecraft 1.0.0.)
  5. On what year was Minecraft created?
  6. How much Iron Ingots do you need to craft an Anvil? (Think and read the question carefully!)
  7. Which pickaxe can mine the fastest?
  8. How many blocks does Redstone travel?
  9. What item can you NOT craft tools NOR armor with?
  10. Who is the most Subscribed YouTuber that plays Minecraft?
  11. Who is the least subscribed Minecraft YouTuber? (Choose from below!)
  12. True or False: The highest Sharpness Enchantment you can get is Sharpness 5.
  13. How much Obsidian is need to go to the Nether. (AT LEAST!)
  14. If you disabled cheats when you created your world, can you still cheat?
  15. True or False: Bedrock can be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe.

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