Is he a player

This is a quiz for people who are in middle school up no sexual u know. I put reasonable answers so evryone could take it cause not every one has a cellphone or had u know and stuff so yea This was the hardest quiz i ever made! Hopefully it will work and give the correct results

Enjoy the quiz i guess and this is for girls only! cause well obviously it says he! unless ur a guy who is bi or gay so well begin the quiz ONWARDDDD! lol XD

Created by: Regular_Catz

  1. Do you think hes a player?
  2. Does he flirt with you? Does he flirt with other girls?
  3. Does he call you often?
  4. did you ask him out? what did he say?
  5. if you did date how long?
  6. does he look at you? does he look at other girls 2?
  7. how many gf has had recently (about how long you are in your grade level) ?
  8. on a scale of 1-10 how attractive is he? (me: my player crush is 10! luv ya XD srry had to say that)
  9. okay on a scale of 1-10 again how is his personality?
  10. Does he show feelings to you like angry, sad, happy normal emotions
  11. How much does he compliment you and flirt and stuff w/u?
  12. Does he physically touch you? how much?
  13. Does he excessively try to make you laugh, smile, get closer to him?
  14. Last question are u falling for him (do things for him, let him touch you, call and/or text him?)

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