What type of Howrse player are you

There are many good players but a great player is a speshil kind and helpful one there are may great players around and bit there are more not so good players

Are you a howrse addict a great horse player a good horse player or a not so good player take this quizz to find out how good a player are you Are you even good enof to become a mod

Created by: Amber

  1. If some one asked for you pass word what would you do
  2. If your horse dies what do you do
  3. You eq centre goes broke what do you do
  4. Cross breds or pure breeds
  5. When you go onto a good players page do you get jelous of there horses
  6. When you first log on you...
  7. When you first log on you...
  8. When a new player ask you for help you
  9. How much days are you on howrse
  10. When you go onto the form you

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Quiz topic: What type of Howrse player am I