Are You A Dedicated Howrse Player

there are many who think they know about the complicated world of howrse, do you want to risk it and find out how much general knowledge you know?, take it to the test and try and dont forget to challenge your friends.

are YOU a dedicated howrse player who can answer all the general questions about howrse? think you are then come do my quiz and see... hope you win and tell your friends.

Created by: Amy!
  1. What age does a horse have to be before it can enter competitions on howrse?
  2. What is the rarest BMI (black market item) on howrse?
  3. What is Objective number 86?
  4. What breed of horse can only have 1 coat?
  5. What bonus does a GA(golden apple) give your horse?
  6. If you had a horse that was wild and you had to tame it, why would you tame it?
  7. What is the first thing a foal can do when it leaves its mother at 6 months?
  8. What chance is ther out of 5 of a unicorn giving birth to another unicorn if it is covered in the right conditions?
  9. Which Karma is worst?
  10. What little icon is beside the best player in the general ranking?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Dedicated Howrse Player