What type of howrse player are you?

This is a quiz for howrse.com lovers! It tests you to see wheather you are a nice howrse player, normal, or just a rude one. If you are nice you well I don't know :) lol

Are YOU nice enough to take the quiz? MEAN enough to take the quiz? Or are you NORMAL enough to take the quiz? Are you too SCARED not to take it?

Created by: Sarah
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  1. Someone messages you asking for help. You...
  2. Someone is being rude. You...
  3. Someone scams you into giving them your favorite horse. You..
  4. Someone found out your password and deletes everything and makes your horses die. You...
  5. You sent an abusive message. You...
  6. You can't log in using your password for some reason. You...
  7. A person reports you for no reason and the mod believes her/him and deletes your account. You...
  8. You lose internet connection!! Oh NO!!
  9. You forget to log on for a month and one of your horses died, you favorite too!!
  10. Will you congradulate horselover8 and arianna1? :) And join horselover8's contest?

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Quiz topic: What type of howrse player am I?