What Type Of Howrse Player Are You?

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there are a variety of different howrse players. each player differs from another in their own way, however at heart are all similiar.we come together in one big community but which type of player are YOU?

Find out what kind of howrse player you are, whetehr it be troublesome, kind, a wanna be MOD or a collector! there are 10 different possible outcomes so unfortunately not all types of players have a result, so you will turn out to be whatever you are closest to. compare your answer with your friends!

Created by: morganluvur
  1. what is your favourite type of howrse?
  2. What do you want people to recognise you for on howrse?
  3. how many howrses do you have?
  4. how long do you spend on howrse per week?
  5. have you ever heard of Morganluvur?? (doesnt effect your result, just curious! hehe )
  6. what are your favourite players?
  7. you see a horse in the sales for 600e. you buy it. why did you buy it?
  8. you have a p.stone. a player messages you asking if you had one they could buy. they only have 80 days seniority and cant afford the full price of one but is really upset that their horse is going to die. do you give them the stone or keep it?
  9. somebody posts in the game play forum asking how to say Xanthos. They have 75 days registration. You reply....
  10. Would you congratulate somebody if they asked you?
  11. if you could hack into somebodys account for a day and howrse wouldnt tell you off, who would you hack and why?
  12. Are you a connemara or hanoverian breeder? i will use this oppurtunity to say the In Your Face team is looking for new members! PM Morganluvur for a shot at joining!
  13. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  14. you are browsing the classified ads, which of these catches your eye?
  15. on somebodys page it says "Quitting." you message them saying
  16. you get banned for one month. you...
  17. Thanks for taking this quiz! lots of love Morganluvur and the In Your Face team ! members are...

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Howrse Player am I?