Are You A True paulsoaresjr Fan?

Paulsoaresjr is a YouTuber who is famous for Minecraft. He is married to MinecraftMom, and has 3 kids, CheifChirpa, JumboMuffin, and Remmi. He lives in ... (that's in the quiz) and owns a business called ... (that's also in the quiz). I don' t know about you, but I'm a Soarvivor to heart!

Do you know paulsoaresjr? Are you a true fan? Take my quick quiz to find out! If you know him well and are well versed in the art of Paul, this'll be easy!

Created by: Megaminecrafter

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  1. What is paulsoaresjr's claim to fame?
  2. Paulsoaresjr is featured in the Minecraft handbooks.
  3. Paulsoaresjr only plays Minecraft.
  4. Where does Paul live?
  5. What is Paul's favorite dog name?
  6. Is this quiz going well so far?
  7. Are you tired of this quiz yet?
  8. Paul has killed 4 cats in Minecraft.
  9. In his game, Stardew Valley, who is Punchwood's girlfriend?
  10. In Sheltered, what happened to the Punchwood family? (Spoiler)
  11. I will make a Part 2 to this quiz because there is A LOT of ground to cover when it comes to the Amazing Paulsoaresjr. How did you like this quiz?
  12. Sorry, one more! What is Paul's business?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True paulsoaresjr Fan?