Do you know stampylongnose?

Stampylongnose is a minecraft youtuber. He makes videos inside of a game called Minecraft. He has over 7 Million subscribers as of 2016. He has many fans around the world

Do you think you know enough about Stampy to be a genius about him? Do you know who Hit the Target is? Can you get all of the questions correctly answered to prove that you are a true fan?

Created by: Tara

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  1. On what day was Stampy born?
  2. What year was Stampy born?
  3. Who does Stampy do Cave Den with?
  4. What is Stampy's favorite animal?
  5. Did Stampy fly to the moon (in Minecraft)
  6. Is Stampy a cat?
  7. Did Stampy go to Italy before?
  8. Who is Stampy's gf?
  9. Is Stampy british?
  10. Does Stampy have any siblings?
  11. Who is Hit the Target?

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Quiz topic: Do I know stampylongnose?