How well do you know TheDiamondMinecart?

Ahh... TheDiamondMinecart, also knows as Daniel... He is the best Minecraft youtuber... He had over four million subscribers, and he id very good at creating videos. But there lies a few secrets... That is not shown in this quiz! Hey I'm just a DanTDM fan!

But, have you ever wondered about: "˜How well do I know Dan... He's a YouTuber...'? If so, then you can participate in this simple quiz! Let's see if you are a true fan – let's wait until the true quiz.. *Looks like I can't say muahaha with repeated ha... No evil laugh! ;(*

Created by: Jade T.

  1. Dan has a friend. Did DanTDM ever jumped into the mouth of his friend? And why or why not?
  2. Who and what is the name of Dan's best friend?
  3. Dan has a pet.
  4. "˜Welcome to another mod (...)'
  5. Pug party...?
  6. Who is far?
  7. Has DanTDM killed his dog/his best friend?
  8. Has Dan ever cussed in his videos?
  9. When he ends his video, what does he say?
  10. Terrance.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know TheDiamondMinecart?