How Well Do You Know Mumbo Jumbo?

(read with admiration and thought) Mumbo Jumbo isn't simply a phrase, but a person. A Youtuber. A hermit! He can come up with the best mine craft redstone you've ever seen! But chances are you see some pretty epic spoon moments.

Over one million people watch Mumbo, but are you one of them? Do you think that you know him? There will be questions concerning redstone videos and Hermitcraft season 3, but mostly himself and Hermitcraft season 4 will be the main topic. How well do you know Mumbo Jumbo?

Created by: Deadly Frogs
  1. How many Hermitcraft seasons has he had (as of May 11th 2017)?
  2. What is his real first name?
  3. What was the (false) rumor going around about him? {all answers are false, but which was a rumor}
  4. How many channels does he operate?
  5. What is his cat`s name?
  6. What is his second account called?
  7. What is his position in society? (three options)?
  8. What is the server he plays on most of the time called?
  9. What country does he live in?
  10. What is one thing he complains a lot about in his videos?
  11. Mumbo has been playing on the Hermit Craft server since which season?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Mumbo Jumbo?