The Ultimate DanTDM Quiz (As Of 2016)

Dan, is a very Famous and Successful Youtuber, and goes by the username, DanTDM. Famous for his Gameplay, Minecraft, and Series videos, he has excelled into 20 mil subscribers.

But the question is... Are you a true DanTDM fan? There are lots of TDM fans out there, some, none members, and some, members of Team TDM. He has overgone a lot of changes, from dyeing his brown hair to blue, then to brown. But do YOU remember him? Can YOU recall his history? Find out now!

Created by: ProjectNinja
  1. What Is Dan's Real Name?
  2. What Series did Dan NOT make?
  3. What kind of pet in Minecraft did he have?
  4. Did he Have a pet in Minecraft called Hunter?
  5. What Breed of dogs are his pets (In Real life)?
  6. Which character is not real?
  7. What was his first mod showcase?
  8. What did he do when he reached a million subs?
  9. Is PacDan a real thing?
  10. What is his favorite channel?
  11. What happened when He led the space pirates into a black hole and suciding himself to save the planet he and his team discovered? (In Minecraft, Don't worry, he didn't die, it's only in Minecraft)?
  12. Okay, last question, and probably the easiest one. What is Dan very famous for? (In Minecraft).

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