The Minecraft Trivia Test

Minecraft has turned into a famous imaginative diversion around the globe. Minecraft is played by a huge number of individuals. Among them, there are few Minecraft superfans.

Is it true that you are a Minecraft superfan? Do you know every one of the things about Minecraft? Take this test to figure out. The inquiries are taken from the Internet, in this manner, they are difficult.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. When was Minecraft created?
  2. How many days did it took to create Minecraft?
  3. What was the first name of Minecraft?
  4. Who owns Minecraft?
  5. At what costs did a company bought Minecraft?
  6. When it is easy to fish in Minecraft?
  7. A school in Stockholm requires kids to play Minecraft!
  8. When somebody can't open a chest?
  9. Is it possible to see a nether portal behind water or ice?
  10. What is the gender of cows?

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