The Mer Prophecy (Part 5)

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Created by: PuffBall

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  1. We all decided to pick up the rest of them tomorrow. Today we needed rest, I guess that explain why I'm here. You know, on my cozy (FLUFFY!) bed with this book called "˜Stolen'. – I was so engrossed in this book that I barely heard the door being knocked. "BLAISE!" I drifted back to reality and looked up. Blake was in front of me, waving like crazy. I smirked. He looked funny. "Yea?" I asked, I put down my book. Blake moved towards me and sat down. His eyes starred into my soul; "We need to talk, you know..." he drifted off. It took me a minute to understand. I've been too distracted that I haven't even... We... uh... I opened my mouth put nothing came out. I sighed and looked around. "I love you," I let it out, oh god! How much pain did it take me not to say it, not to kiss him all of these years? Not too- "I love you too. Blaise do you know how much?" I shook my head, I don't even know. I'm just worried if I don't melt in the outside as I'm in the inside. He rubbed his temples. "As long as numbers could go up, as big the universe is, ..." he tried to search for the word. Is that, oh my god I'm crying? Not from sadness. He kept his eyes closed. "Infinity," He looked at me, "Oh, Blaise your-" he couldn't finish, our lips met, and I was on fire. It took a lot of time till we broke off. I lightly smiled. "It's ok, Blake." We pressed our heads together, and we were soaking ever little color our eyes had. "Whoa! Big sis has a boyfriend!" Edmund gaped at us from my door. I was probably already blushing, Blake was scratching his head like nothing was happening, and Adam stood next to Edmund, laughing to himself.
  2. *Dream* Six girls were sitting on the floor in a living room. Daniel was sitting on the couch, well, laying down on it. The girls were his sisters, I know it. They all have something similar with him. "So we just wait, you did get the right place where they are right? Did you read Blaise's mind correctly?" One of the girls asked. She had purple highlights... awesome. Wait a second, what did she just say? "Now Viola, it's been five minutes already! It might just take them at least a little while longer." Viola rolled her eyes and starred back to the TV. Not so soon after that a war awoke, a war that could be deadly to anybody. It was chaos, as far as a pillow fight could go at least. I laughed in my mind; they sure look like brothers and sisters to me. Oh my gosh, what's wrong with me! Come on wake up! Blaise wake up! Ugh! (Eyes open taylor swift starts ringing) "Aqua, it might be them!" Viola screamed, she charged towards one of her other sisters with a pillow. A girl with winter blue eyes went towards her alarming phone and picked it up. She smiled, "They got her! She is already in the room! Sleeping like a baby," I think I'm going to be sick.
  3. My mind just NEEDED to wake up NOW! I starred up at the ceiling, the ceiling in a room where they contained me. At least this room was nice, awesome by the way. I sighed and gotten in the shower, the clothes I was going to wear already picked out. A girl got to look pretty and got to be clean while doing this kind of adventure, dangers, and even killing....Or dying. I erased that thought away. The only thing I don't get is, well, Daniel isn't the type of a guy to do this. He still had that, family side of him, the good inside of him. I really never imagined him to be; HIM! I must ask him. I'm positive I had that good feeling from him. I must talk to him. Nobody is entirely evil and good, are there? Plus, his parents pleaded me to help. I think I should at least not break one promise in my life. I won't fight him if I didn't need to. I need answers, and I'm prepared to get them. All through the shower I thought, and thought. I felt a sting coming from my hand. I looked at it; a knife had sliced it. I wonder why they would do that. I cleaned it.
  4. ~~~~~~~P.O.V DAWN~~~~~ I knocked on the door. "Come on, time to wake up Blaise!" I slowly opened the door and gasped at the sight. "Oh. My. Gosh!" I searched around the room. As I realized I didn't find nothing; I sank on her bed, like someone knocked me over. I put my hand on my head. The signs, the marks, the broken window, and defiantly the broken protection spell around her bed; it all leads to something that would result into a nightmare. I was shocked and I stared down a wall. "˜Too late' = it said, with blood. I didn't even want to wonder where that blood came from. I started running, and alarmed everyone.
  5. ~~~~~P.O.V BLAKE~~~~ "WAKE UP!" Adam yelled for the hundredth time. I searched for a pillow blindly and threw it towards his voice. "Come on get up bro!" I searched for something else and managed to grab on to my very little (hard) lamp and threw it also. I heard a crash, "Man, what is wrong with you! Every time I try to wake you up for anything you just- I don't even want to start. I'm going; I'll just see what's up." I heard the door shut. I sighed, don't they know better on waking me up in the morning? I forced my eyes open and grabbed my watch. It was 6:23 in the morning! Ah! No wonder I'm so fatigued! I groaned and sat up on my bed. I stretched and stood up dazedly. What is up with the commotion! Adam stopped me half down the hallway. "So, what's up?" I asked and patted him on the back. I looked at him and frowned. He looked like he just seen something very disturbing. I tilted my head, "Ok, tell me very slowly." Adam let out a breath, was he holding it? He looked at me with terror in his eyes. Ok, what is really going on? "Blake," he started, I don't know WHAT'S UP WITH HIM. I motioned him to go on. "They got Blaise," he is not making sense. "What do you mean?" I asked, I started walking again, but Adam didn't move and I felt his eyes on my back. "I mean is that Blaise has been abducted. As in; the hunters," I froze. I turned around and looked at him. "What?" I started feeling dizzy at that point.
  6. ~~~~~P.O.V DANIEL~~~~ I don't know how long I stood there; in front of that door. Blaise is going to hate me! I never meant for the pain. She doesn't deserve it. I sighed. What am I saying? My sisters know what she did; I know what she did, well, what they all did. What I don't know is if they really know. Wow, look at me. My parents would have hated me. I squeezed harder on the crystal and out it in my back pocket. I must ask her, and if we are wrong, then I must join her. My sisters would stop on nothing, not even if they were wrong about them. I open the door and Blaise was there. In the clothes Cheese had picked out for her. Her hair was a damp, and she was sitting on the bed, her hands covering her face. I don't know what happened to me; I just stood there, not even breathing. After a while; she lifted her head and looked at me. She fell on the bed, she is so pretty, beautiful, actually. "May you please explain to me why you need me for the crystal at least?" She turned her head towards me. I sat dawn on a chair.
  7. ~~~~~~P.O.V BLAISE~~~~ Daniel sat down on a wooden chair. He relaxed a little and looked at me. "The activation could only be with at least with one of the elemental Mer's, a married couple for a king and a queen." Ah, yes. The crystal was made for evil to rule the world. Well, mostly evil, also to create a new kind of species. What's it called? Oh yea, there are two, vampires and were people. Thankfully for them, it wasn't those political ones. I still don't get something. "You're not that type of person, Daniel." I whispered. He shook his head and looked at me. "May I ask YOU something?" I sat up, what does he want? "What?" I asked. I prepared myself for the question. "Did you all really kill my parents?" my heart was about to explode. I remembered the night Blake and I were shopping. *PuffBall says: AT THE BEGINGING OF THIS STORY!... yea... shocker. Teehee. XD. I'm eating this delicious pie. YUM! I'm a sucker for those sweets. Ok! Back to the story!* what was I supposed to tell him? I rubbed my eyes; I think I'm going to die. "Do you promise to listen to the whole entire story?" I needed to make sure if he will take in everything, and doesn't judge like any other human; criticize, expect. He gave me the I-don't-like-where-this-is-going-but-I-guess-I-must-listen look. I slowly stood up and swiftly walked towards the large window that overlooked a beautiful landscape. I put my weight on it and my hands. The sun was rising; the night must have broken away. I swallowed the saliva that started forming in my mouth and started; "Blake and I were out shopping. Blake is an elemental Mer, don't worry. We needed a break some point so we stopped at this hotel. It was already around 9:00 pm, and oh, shopping makes time go by so fast! We rented a room to put all my clothes so far in there, and his, and someone else but let me get to the point. The hotel was large, tall, and had a lot of windows. I remember walking back outside the hotel and we were down a street when suddenly some old women came up to us and started pleading for us to talk in a moment in private. We didn't have any choice anyways so we went back to the hotel and talked to her in our room. We were strong enough if something went wrong, so there was nothing to worry. The most surprising thing was that she knew about us! Her eyes then suddenly were glowing white, which was so creepy by the way and, I cannot believe I remember the words, she then said; "˜The Mer Prophecy; A war will break out, love and power will be fought, peace is on a thread at the end, some will win, some will lose, and some will die. Will there be happiness ever again?' it was so creepy. Oh gosh, Blake and I promised to not tell anyone, to not speak of it thinking it was just a prank. Then suddenly the old woman fainted so we rushed outside, carrying her down the hall so we could get some doctor. We were almost to the elevators when we were splashed or pock-a-dotted with her blood. We let her go and in her back there was a knife. We both turned around and your parents, I must guess because they were the leaders, they both went into our room and waved for us to talk. We were back in the reserved room and their guards stood outside, only your dad, mom, Blake, and I were in the room. Your parents started whispering. Saying that whatever we do, we'd have to stop and win the war that was going to happen. I started freaking out at that point. They told us that if the crystal gets on the wrong hands it would be horrible, and if broken then destruction and war. It was hard to process. Your parents then surprisingly they told us to kill them that nobody must know they were against what they were planning. So, we threw them out the now broken tinted window and while we done that; they screamed. You know, acting. Then there was fighting. At the end I managed to throw the last assassin/guard out the window. So, yes, we did kill your parents, but with a good explanation."
  8. I sat back down on the bed and Daniel just starred at the floor, trying to process on what just happened. He then took out something from his back pocket and I gaped; the crystal. "Well, at least I have it. Well? May I join your group? I'm sorry for all the, you know. I just needed to talk. I never wanted this to happen, but needed to find a way. I'm at your side," I looked at him suspiciously. "You think I'm going to fall for that?" I asked, clearly annoyed. I was so there is no point on hiding it. He raised his hands, "Look around, do you see yourself chained. I promise that I am not lying," I observed. He really wasn't lying. His pupils were steady, his pulse was normal; it's good enough to me. "Fine, but give me the crystal, I don't want you to pull any tricks." I had to take precautions anyway. He stretched his hand, and right when I was about to have it the door slammed open and the crystal flew right out of his hands into one of his sister's hands. "Oh how could I be so stupid!" he muttered and stood up. His sisters were spying on us? Did they hear all of it? "How much?" I asked, I moved into my fighting position. Some girl, I don't know, maybe it was Blue *PuffBall is laughing. Oh gosh. You guys get what I'm doing right? Never mind.* , anyway she then said; "The last part of your "˜explanation' clearly stating you KILLED our parents. Enough to know that our brother is a traitor!" she was enraged; it was clearly shown in her eyes. This is not good.
  9. ~~~~~P.O.V BROOKE~~~~ I paced back and forth, if it turns out as a prank I'm so going to kill Blaise, and I mean it. Everybody else already left to search in an area where her signature energy was giving off, I stayed behind if Blaise came back. I then went into the kitchen; I wondered what snacks were left for me to eat. I then felt something wet on my left foot. I looked down at my feet and I unluckily stepped on a puddle. Greaaaateee. It must have been what was left from Adam's spit take when Dawn started explaining. A huge tail grew and I fell on the floor, face first. "Ooof!" I officially need to find out how to control this. I flopped/turned myself over and I was starring at the lights illuminating the kitchen. I wondered what they others siblings looked like. How were they doing? Of course they already knew something was up. We all told and explained to our parents, well, except for Blaise, she needed to be cautious; she is the one you brought everyone together. What am I thinking? How is Blaise doing?
  10. ~~~~~P.O.V BLAISE~~~~~~ It was about an hour of fighting and Daniel and I were about to escape when a girl named Dannica yanked the crystal off one of her sister's hands, (I think she was called.. oh yea Fire Soul, or something) and threw it down the floor; frustrated. I stopped running and Daniel copied the same. I starred in horror as she threw it on the ground, it shattered. Suddenly, everything seemed to go in slow motion now. I covered my ears as I heard terrible screaming and whispering coming from the crystal; coming from the dark stream of energy shooting up towards the now destroyed ceiling and I quickly covered my face. Wind blew, actually, more as energy; shadow energy. My hair waved around me and I quickly thought about the kitchen and grabbed Daniels arm. It was almost not normal to me, that one minute we were in a devastated place and next we were standing in the middle with petrified faces and a shocked looking Brook. Who lay on the floor with a... tail? I don't even want to know how that puddle got there. "Whoa! Ok what just happened?!" Brook yelled and broke the silence that had swarmed over us. "You guys look like you're going to faint any second now. Wait, who is this?" Thousands of questions ran through my mind, I'm wondering if Brooke did the same.
  11. ~~~~~~P.O.V. ADAM~~~ we all decided to plan EVERYTHING we had to do and had missed tomorrow. It was a long day it was already getting dark. We all looked weary on what I just told them or what just happened to Blaise. I fell on my bed and when I was just about to sleep I heard the door knock. I moaned, can't a boy get some sleep. I opened the door and squinted, "Daniel?" I asked, this boy just got here and now is not a good impression. "May I come in?" I opened the door wider. He sat on the floor and I sat on my bed. We both stared at each other. He sighed, "Sorry bro, I just couldn't go to sleep and I just wanted to talk to someone... I guess." I nodded in understanding, it happens to all of us. "Sooo, what do you want to talk about?" Daniel looked around and shrugged, "Maybe about Blaise?" he asked, I defiantly thought I looked like "˜Bug Eyes' from bed time stories.
  12. ~~~~~P.O.V Blaise~~~~~~ (Dream) My mind decided to spy on where the energy went. There was so many people, I thought I was going to faint! The energy just busted out of the place it broke and now it went to its targets; turning them to the "˜things' and creating an army. It also chose the leader; Daniel sisters. I frowned, why am I not surprised? Then something drew to my attention; the energy was going to a 15 year girl boy. I recognized that girl somehow. I got closer and then I felt myself gape. She was Dawn's sister; and I knew that this war might not be as hard as I thought. It would be harder; a new species, a lot more things to learn, and a lot of people to heal or kill. Dawn is going to be devastated. PUFFHANGER!

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