The Mer Prophecy (Part 3)

I screamed as I came to reality. Everyone ran to my room and Blake trying to comfort me. "What is it?" Areo asked. I looked at him. I'm terrified. I was terrified since we split apart. I finally got the courage to say what scared the he(( out of me; "They want me," I curled myself into a ball.

That part up there, you don't read because if you did then.. That was just a spoiler! Goodness people you got to stop spoiling these thing in you faces!

Created by: PuffBall

  1. I know it wasn't that long but heck, I needed to get this out. Now here are my response to the comments: @Blue: Well now you know why! :P @ angelic4: I AM THE QUEEN OF DANCING! *pouts* @ singin234: omg thank you so much!
  2. When Brooke was about to speak I felt a strange pinch inside my brain. "Oh no..." I said. I looked at Adam in worry; he was confused, when he suddenly understood. "The hunters are here aren't they?" I nodded my head, yes. Thank god I already had my stuff packed already, but too bad for Blake and Adam :3 I was back in the room where Areo "˜maked-out' with the fake Dawn. I felt chills run down my spine; it was a disturbing view at that time, but funny. Dawn went to her refrigerator to get some water and came back by sitting on the couch where we were waiting. "So? Can someone explain to us what's happening?" Adam asked looking around and smirking at the hidden camera. I rolled my eyes, boys! Why do they have to be that annoying? I blushed; hopefully Blake didn't read my mind, ooops! Brooke sighed, "Well, Blaise here forgave us." Blake raised his eyebrow, "But you guys never said sorry!" "Well we were and then Blaise saw Brooke write down in her journal about why we were sorry; our explanation. Oh and we also disabled it so no more of that!" Areo explained looking at Adam, in which he smirked. Adam pursed his lips and sighed. I looked over to Dawn which recently spilled water on her while playing with the straw and turned into her tail form. She cursed in frustration and I smiled. -_- Usual Dawn.
  3. My hair swayed as I swung back and forth. I smiled at the feeling. I felt happy; happy that the only thing to do now is to be done with the hunters and destroy that crystal for good, and I finally get to see my family again. I know the more I push away the thought the more it will come at me harder, so, here we go: I don't know what to say to my brother. (Note from PuffBall: OHHHH! You didn't see that coming didn't you? You people just got owned! :O) I didn't leave him an note. He is the same age of me; and I didn't leave a note because we were so close, we were true siblings. *Memorie* I laughed as Edmund put on his best mature smiles. What an idiot! Now mom will so kill us! When we calmed down I realized something and put up my pinky. "Share our secrets and laugh, forever and always?" He nodded and put up his pinky too. "Always brothers and sisters forever!" We shook our pinkies. We laughed. *Out of memory and back to present* the tears were coming hard and I couldn't control them. I put my hands to my face, trying to dry them but it was no use. I felt hands on my shoulder; I looked up to see a man, my age. Not recognizable, but all I needed is to have someone here, but Blake was a million miles away and I'm sure I don't have enough energy to teleport back. The person pulled me up to their arms and I let them. I cried into his shirt and pain went through me; sharper.
  4. Time had passed and all my tears completely went away. Almost completely; I looked at the shirt that was completely wet of my tears. I laughed and looked up to the eyes that belonged to this man who helped me. "Well that doesn't look pretty at all!" I said shaking my head in shame. I smiled as I heard the deep laugh at the man. The light shone on his face and he was HANDSOME! I blushed when I realized I was staring, how rude am I! "Well this isn't a good impression on ruining my shirt, right?" He admitted, looking around. "I must agree!" I joined him on looking around. "Well, names Daniel, you?" I turned back to him, "Blaise, nice to meet you, I guess," He raised his eyebrow, "Blaise?" he asked. I smiled, "Well my mother's mother always would talk about a sweet little girl named Blaise, but she passed away so in memory of my grandmother I was called Blaise!" I lied, the truth is that when I was born, my mother thought she saw my yes glow fire. Which did happen but you know humans, always wants to push the truth away. Yeaaa... poor Galileo. You all know what Blaise means, hopefully you all are keeping track on what the names means in this story, don't you all? "Really?" he asked.
  5. I ended back at the house with only my pride and a phone number. I fell on my bed and laziness crept inside of me. *Dream* this was defiantly not a memory. It was either a memory or our soul going to an important area. I didn't like these and the worst part, is that I was back at the mansion next to the beach. I was in the living room and a lot of men of different sizes and age was all around. I'm guessing the hunters. A man kicked the wall and yelled; "We lost again!" Seconds later another man entered the room, I'm guessing the leader. "Don't worry; you know now we have the crystal we still are powerful. The only thing we need now is a girl who knows them very well; their secrets and powers. A girl who felt betrayed by them and also very beautiful. A girl who is part of the six, and must marry the one who has possession of the crystal; which is our master. We know to get to our goal we need our prize.
  6. I screamed as I came to reality. Everyone ran to my room and Blake trying to comfort me. "What is it?" Areo asked. I looked at him. I'm terrified. I was terrified since we split apart. I finally got the courage to say what scared the he(( out of me; "They want me," I curled myself into a ball.
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