Hogwarts Love Story pt 22

Here's part 22, I'm probably not going to have much time to update soon, but I'll try to do so within the week. Oh, and I won't mention the *cough* character *cough cough* contest!

Here's part 22, I'm probably not going to have much time to update soon, but I'll try to do so within the week. Oh, and I won't mention the *cough* character *cough cough* contest!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. Hey guys! I'm back already! I figured you deserved a quick update this time, since I left it so long last time. I hope you liked the last update. I guess Ou know what I'm going to say, so I'll just give you a hint about the *cough* character *cough cough* contest!
  2. (Listen to 'A Thousand Years pt 2' until the stars) The most of the summer had passed already as I'd bid my parents goodbye to meet Cedric. I kissed my mother's cheek, and hugged my father. Ariella waved to me as I picked up my trunk and Sepia's cage. I threw my broomstick over my shoulder, and my mother tutted. "Are you sure you can't stop back here before term?" she practically begged. I laughed. "Sorry mum, it's not polite to be late, remember?" My mother laughed, and Ariella grinned. "See you ___," she said. I gave her a one-armed hug, then walked down your driveway. Cedric and his parents had met me a little way away, and I'd stayed with them for a week and a half. It seemed like only a few days ago that I'd met Cedric, and already I was perfectly comfortable around him, and utterly head-over-heels for him.
  3. Cedric stood on the steps of his porch, looking out over the night. I walked up to him slowly, not wanting to ruin his peaceful moment. I stopped when I reached his side, and he took your hand, not looking away from the silvery glow cast by the moonlight. His wavy copper hair was ruffled by the wind, and his eyes shone, reflecting the full moon. He glanced down at me, a smile gracing his lips. I smiled back at him, and he drew me gently against his side. The two of us stood in silence, just revelling in each others company. There had been many of these moments over the last few weeks, and I still hadn't got used to how easy it was just to be myself around Cedric. There were no impossibly high expectations like with Quidditch, no sudden mood swings like with Draco or Ron, no madly frustrating secrets, no quiet blushes, no terrifying dreams. Cedric caught me staring at him, and I flushed a little, looking down. From the corner of your eye, I saw him smiling. I couldn't help it; I looked back up at Cedric, who was still watching me with a gentle smile. I could hear Mrs Diggory cooking, and the smell of roasted chicken wafted out to meet my nostrils.
  4. "I could get used to this," I said quietly. "Me too. I love having you around ___," Cedric said. I heard the radio blurring out the latest rubbish the ministry was reporting, and then saw Mr Diggory smash his fist down on the off button, silencing it. I grimaced at Cedric, who just sighed. "Life was perfect, for a while," he said. I raised an eyebrow. My life hadn't been perfect, far from it in some ways. "Ever since the Yule Ball. It was just like someone had snapped a switch inside me, suddenly all the bad things were of no consequence," he said, sighing. I blushed again, and nodded. "I know what you mean." There was no chatter between us as we thought about everything that'd happened. The ministry had been targeting Harry and Dumbledore. Most of the Wizarding world believed Dumbledore was after Fudge's job, which was madness. Fudge was insistent that the whole affair was a bunch of lies. I wasn't just starting to doubt the safety of my family, it had crossed my mind as soon as I heard Fudge treating it as nothing. Cedric's thumb was tracing random patterns on the back of my hand, and I snapped out of my trance. "Have you heard of the Order of the Phoenix?" he asked out of the blue. My brown furrowed. "I don't think so," I replied. "They were a corporation of witches and wizards that fought Voldermort the last time. We got an owl saying the Weasley's are staying at their headquarters along with the remaining members. Hermione's there too," he said. "What do you want to do when you leave?" I asked randomly. "I want to become an auror," he said, "It's all I've ever wanted to do. What about you?" "I don't know yet," I replied. I'd never really given life after Hogwarts much thought. "Dinner's ready kids!" Mrs Diggory hollered from the kitchen.
  5. The following day I was saying goodbye to the Diggory's. "Bye honey, I'll see you again soon, I'm sure," Mrs Diggory said. "Bye then ___!" Mr Diggory said, far too loudly. Mrs Diggory scolded her husband and ushered him back inside. "Bye for now then ___," Cedric said quietly. "Two days sound too long to you then?" I asked, laughing. "I'll see you in two days then. And yes, it does," he said. "Bye Cedric," I smiled. He kissed me once, and I picked my stuff up, heading to the train. ********** I found a seat, and watched the trees and houses blurring past the windows. I got off at my station and took a bus a little way from the entrance to Diagon Alley. I booked into my room at the Leaky Cauldron and them wandered around, looking for Draco.
  6. I spotted him leaning against the wall of a quidditch store. I called his name, and he smiled. "Hey ___!" he said. He hugged me gently and beamed. I laughed giddily from the sudden onslaught of Draco Malfoy, and suggested actually buying some stuff. "This is my only Diagon Alley trip," I said. "Sure, what d'you need?" he asked. I looked down at the letter you'd received the day before, and told Draco to go into the bookshop on his left. After purchasing all of my books, both of us went to get some new robes fitted. I hadn't had any new ones for a couple of years, so I was way overdue. It was past one o'clock that the two of us finished having your robes done. "Lunch?" I suggested. "I'm starving. Definitely," Draco replied. The two of us sat down at a little shop not far away. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, but Draco ordered the biggest burger I'd ever seen and a side order of chips. "How can you eat that much?" I asked, astounded as he stuffed five chips into his mouth. He grinned at me. "I'm never allowed to eat like a normal person at home," he said. "Care to elaborate?" I asked. Draco went on to talk about the dull cooking at home and the exact time in which he had to eat each meal. "I mean, what normal fifth year doesn't make their own breakfast?" he snorted. I laughed and he proceeded to stuff another large hunk of burger into his mouth. "Looks like you could use a few tips from Mrs Weasley," I said, grinning as you remembered the plump woman, the best cook I'd ever met. Draco snick ered and I rolled my eyes at him. "I can't imagine my mother'd appreciate a Weasley," he said. "And you would?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. He looked uncomfortable, and I laughed. "God Draco! I was joking! Calm down!" I said. He grinned and I snatched one of his chips. "Thanks," I said. "Hey! No fair!" he said. "Come off it! You don't need that much!" I said, motioning to his portion that would feed three people. "I might do," he argued. I snorted at him and took another handful of chips. "I'll get you back for that Rivers," he said. He ordered two desserts, and then ate most of mine. While he was stuffing his face, I slipped my spoon under the edge of his glass of ice-cream. When he inhaled his next load, I flicked my spoon, and ice-cream splattered all over his face. I burst out laughing at him, and he glared. "I win," I said once you could control your laughter a little. "Fine. You win." I smiled sweetly and handed him my napkin.
  7. All too quickly, the day was over and I had to say goodbye to Draco. "I'll see you in a few days Draco," I said. "See you at school." He kissed my cheek once, and I blushed, feeling slightly guilty. Draco laughed and raised his hand in fair well. After collecting my stuff from the Leaky Cauldron I headed to Gringotts bank where I'd agreed to meet Mr Weasley before he took me to wherever the Order of the Phoenix headquarters were. I was the only one standing there, and no Mr Weasley. Not long after our arranged meeting time, two wizards and a witch walked up. I recognised only one of them. Mad-Eye looked as intimidating and serious as ever, unlike the witch to his left. She had purple hair, and a grin was on her face. "____!" he barked. I stared at him, and walked over slowly. "Arthur couldn't come," he said by way of explanation. I followed him quickly as he began walking off. "Is everything ok?" I asked. "Yes," the witch answered, "I'm Tonks by the way." I smiled at her, and gave her my thanks. The other wizard introduced himself too, "I'm Kingsley Shacklebolt," he said in a deep voice. "I'm afraid we do have a little problem," Mad-Eye said.
  8. "What is it?" I asked worriedly. "It's a little complicated if I'm honest," he said. "Harry used the patronus charm. In front of his cousin," Tonks said. "What?" I gasped, "Why were dementors there?" "We don't know. The ministry are giving him a hearing, else he'll be expelled," Kingsley said grimly. "What? But he did it in defence!" I cried. "We know that, but the ministry still think Dementors are under their control, so they weren't there. In reality, You Know Who has his thumb in there with them too," Tonks said. "And so we need to make a little detour," Mad-Eye said, "It's our job to get Harry from the muggles and back to headquarters. Unfortunately, we got ourselves landed with you too, so you'll have to come." "Mad-Eye!" Tonks said, furiously. Her hair turned bright red as her mood changed, and I stared, a little surprised. Ok, a lot surprised. "Come on Nymphadora!" Mad-Eye growled. I decided not to be offended at his comment, and followed quickly, struggling a little with all my stuff. "Don't call me Nymphadora," Tonks said furiously. Mad-Eye ignored her, and aimed his wand at my stuff. It disappeared suddenly, and I was left with just my broom. "You'll need that," Mad-Eye said. Tonks rolled her eyes at him. Kingsley grimaced at me. I had a feeling that neither Mad-Eye or Tonks were particularly fond of one another.
  9. Mad-Eye stopped us East of the River Thames. "Mount your brooms!" he barked. "You can fly, right?" Tonks asked. I laughed. "I'm in the Griffendor quidditch team," I said. At least there was something I could do. "Good!" Mad-Eye said, "Let's go!" he called. I kicked off from the ground, and momentarily forgot what we were trying to do. I followed the others in a diamond formation. The wind whipped through my hair as we sped on over the Thames. The wind blew up my sleeves, sending shivers of pleasure down my body. Flying was one of the most exhilarating sports that existed, magical and muggle. I had a grin on my face as I looked over at Tonks who was to my left. She was bent low over her broom, and she grinned back at me. She opened her mouth, saying something, but I couldn't hear her due to the wind roaring in my ears. Mad-Eye began to slow, and reluctantly I slowed down too. I agreed with Cedric. Being an auror rocked, this part at least. Mad-Eye landed by the sign that read 'Privet Drive' and I followed suit. I dismounted cleanly. There was a deadly silence in the street, and the lights were off at the Dursleys house. "We sent them an invitation about gardens," Kingsley said. Tonks winked at me, and I smiled. Mad-Eye unlocked the front door silently and crept in. I shut the door behind me with the gentlest of clicks. "Do you know where Harry's room is?" Mad-Eye asked me. "Like I've ever been here before," I snorted, "I bet I can guess first time though," I said. I examined each door carefully. I guessed the expensive wooden one would be Mr and Mrs Dursley's, and the one with the Black Ops poster on it wasn't likely to be Harry's either. The last one was a smaller, cheap white door. I motioned silently to the others. I tried the handle, but it was locked. I peered into the lock and saw a key. I pulled out your wand, ignoring Mad-Eye's mutterings. "Alohomora," I whispered almost silently. The key rattled in the lock, then turned. The door swung open, revealing Harry, wand drawn.
  10. "____! Professor Moody! What're you all doing here?" Harry asked. "Rescuing you of course!" I said, rolling my eyes, "Come on!" Harry followed us out of the room, dragging his stuff with him. Mad-Eye did the same to his stuff as he'd done to mine. When his back was turned as he spoke to Tonks and Kingsley, I whispered to Harry. "He's madder than the imposter last year." Harry shared at me. "Hard to believe I know," I said louder, grinning. Mad-Eye turned round at that moment, motioning us all outside. "I'm Tonks, and this is Kingsley," Tonks said brightly, "This house is so clean," she commented. Harry nodded uncomfortably and Mad-Eye bellowed, "TONKS!!!" I exchanged a glance with Harry, and hurried outside. We all kicked off from the ground on Mad-Eye's order and flew back above the Thames river. Mad-Eye landed in a residential road, and handed Harry and I a piece of paper. It gave us the address and purpose of number 12 Grimauld Place, and then burst into flames. "Remember that," Mad-Eye growled. He pulled his wand out, and waved it between numbers eleven and thirteen. The two houses moved sideways, and there was number twelve in all it's glory. I stared at the building, and followed Mad-Eye and Tonks in.

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