Day After Tomorrow quiz!

the Day After Tomorrow: end of the world, good for it's age CG, and some top-rate acting (cough cough)... All in all, one of the most average films of it's time...

Have you ever watched it? Did you manage to stay awake the whole time? Did you [shudder] go back for more??? How much do you really know about it? Take this time-waster quiz and find out!

Created by: andrew
  1. At the beginning of the film, they are drilling for core samples. How deep does he say they are?
  2. Which NOMAD buoy is the first to show a temperature drop?
  3. What's the homeless man's dog's name?
  4. At the party after the decathlon, what does Sam's nametag say? Hello! my name is...
  5. At what temperature does the fuel in the helicopters freeze?
  6. What language to the people trapped in the taxi, whom Laura helps, speak?
  7. Why do the older payphones still work when the power is out?
  8. When Sam finally get through to his dad on the phone, what line is he on?
  9. How deep is the snow in Europe, announced on the radio?
  10. How far North does the truck take them, before the rescue party is forced to walk?
  11. Where was Sam's favorite vacation spot?
  12. How did Frank die?
  13. Why do Sam and hid friends board the ship?
  14. Where is the ship from?
  15. How fast is the temperature drop when the storm hits?
  16. Where does Sam's father find shelter when the temperature drops?
  17. How far from Manhattan is the rescue party after the eye of the storm passes?
  18. What is the right answer?

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