The Mer Prophecy (Part 4)

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Created by: PuffBall

  1. After a while we were in the living room trying to figure out how they got the crystal. It seemed impossible. Something must have happened in our past lives that made them have the... the knowledge of finding it and possible having the possession. "If they really have the crystal, then were screwed!" Dawn said, passing back and forth in worry. "IF they have a king and a queen with at least one of them being a true Mer of the elements," Blake added, staring off into the lala land I'm so familiar about. I breathed in and out. "How did they even HAVE it!" Adam yelled, getting impatient. I know him; he always craves for answers. "It doesn't matter, Adam. They have it now. The only thing we can do now is be majorly more careful outside this home and protect each other no matter what comes..." Brooke trailed off eyes widening and looked at me, "Not that I-" I shook my head cutting in, "It's ok Brooke, we all know. Your forgiven," She faintly smiled in understanding. Then Areo piped up, " We need to look back in the book. Try to see if our past lives have found any info that could help us defeat them. Blasie, do you still have it?" I nodded, "Yea, I always keep it close," Blake rubbed his temples. "The thing I don't get," he started, "Is even though it doesn't matter how they realized or figured out about the crystal, we never left a trace of anything that might unlock their memories or something. We never left anything behind. I'm sure of it!" The color drained from my face. I shook my head, "How could I be so stupid! I should have known!" I muttered. I didn't have the understanding back then, now I do, and I don't know if I regret it. "What?" Adam asked, realizing what I said. Everybody leaned in. "Remember the words I've wrote before I left my family. The power stone; the stone that shows you the way to the crystal, they must've got there before us," horror formed in everybody's faces. I was sure that I was the more terrified. Not the fact that they have the crystal. Is HOW they got that letter? "We have to go back there, maybe your parents or even your brother know what they looked like!" Dawn said, desperately. "No," Brooke said, Dawn started freaking out but before she could explode Areo calmed her down. "Why?" she asked. Blake then explained, "It's not that simple. We can't just go up to them and say; "˜ Hey, we need to ask you about what the hunters looked like. You must tell us or the whole world could and maybe be destroyed.' Blaise's brother would be devastated also. They all couldn't even remember. Even if they did, how are we going to talk to them without them being in danger?" Dawn sighed, "I guess so."
  2. We all put up a meeting tomorrow. Even though I really wanted to join them; Brooke and Adam were going to think of a way to leave out the danger, and Blake and Areo will look into an explanation. Dawn and I just get to do whatever we want. And have the talk, THE TALK! *Puffball now plays the bum bum bum bummmmmm* we both were outside under a tree. The best part was; SNOW!!!!! It was a beautiful wonder land. Correction; Snowland! Dawn fluttered her eyes, "Sooo, you and Blake?" I blushed and looked at her teasing smile. "Yeaaaaa," I replied and started drawing a tulip. "I also like the prank you pulled on Areo," I giggled. "Oh! You saw that? Yea, that was pretty amusing." "Very! We all saw it!" Silence found its ways somehow. I didn't like it at all, especially when I try to fall asleep. "Do you ever wonder? You know, how they all turned out?" Dawn turned to me while she whispered it. "Who do you mean?" I asked; not getting it. She sighed, "You know," she turned towards the view, "Our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and land." I turned to see what she was looking at. It was birds fooling around. I pondered on the question and then said my thoughts, "I do really, how my brother turned out, and if he really remembers me, if my parents ever told him. My friends back at the school that turned against me. The teachers who didn't really notice ..." I trailed off. Dawn turned back to me, "You know if they saw you now, they would fall head over heels." I turned to her also, "If they saw us now, they would be-" I didn't know what to say. It depends on their view of the world. If there still obnoxious, still have hope, or if they remember. "I have no idea." Dawn shook her head, "No, they have no idea," I smiled. After a long silence something surprised me most, what Dawn said; "What if we go visit them, show them how good we are now, other than the powers of course. "˜Bump' into them. Catch up." I listened to a new bird that started to sing and closed my eyes as I responded. "That would be nice. We are 17 anyways. It's the beginning of school..." I opened my eyes and smiled. Dawn reflected the look also. "We go to school." We both said. We already know the danger to that. The hunters still wouldn't know.
  3. I sat down where we were supposed to meet. Daniel soon sat in front of me, both of us drinking coffee. I smiled. He smiled. We started cracking up. I learned that his parents died when he was eleven. His favorite color was red. He was the only boy in his family and surprisingly he has six sisters. They are the only female people that went into his parents business. He proudly said that he was the business owner. He does deserve it. He also adores chocolate. "So, what about you, do you have anything to share?" I hesitated. I then relax, don't need to be that cautious. I smiled and said; "Well my favorite color is orange. I have brothers and sisters. *Dawn, Brooke, Adam, Areo, and her real brother* lost one of my brothers and my parents. I adore smoothies other then chocolate. My family doesn't have an incredible business like you, by the way. Oh, and I like exploring and having ADVENTURES!" It was all true. I even think I exaggerated about the adventures part by fist pumping the air, but yeaaa. I also included that I don't nick named my brothers and sisters like he does, but that I was going to maybe start doing that. "Do you have a boyfriend?" He blurted out. I smiled, "Yes, well maybe." I could see the sadness in his eyes. "What do you mean maybe?" he asked. I sighed and rapped my sweater a little tighter when I slight breeze blew by me. "Well, we just started our relationship but we haven't had enough time to talk about it yet, maybe today. I mean, we had a relationship since we were little and we cared about each other a lot, but time. Time keeps getting in the way." Thankfully he didn't say anymore questions.
  4. "Where have you been?" Brooke asked suspiciously while I opened my new room. There were two sleeping bags. Brooke and Dawn eyed me. I tilted my head, "I'll tell you after you explain the meaning of this." I pointed. Dawn smiled warmly. "TODAY IS GIRL NIGHT! Woot! Woot!" I rolled my eyes. "I was out with a friend." Brooke raised her eyebrow. Dawn had a mischievous smile. "Was it male?" I blushed. They both got closer. "Tell. Us. Everything." I knew them more than anybody else; there is no way out of this now.
  5. I stared at the house. I can't believe this is happening. I must. I inhaled the air deeply and knocked on the door. I even feel the nervousness from the others just a hundred feet away, keeping an eye out even though we already put the protection spell over this place. I wonder if they will recognize me. I regretted it now. I started backing away when the door opened, too late to back out now. It was my mother, and I realized she didn't know me. I waved. "Hello! May I help you?" she asked. "You don't recognize me?" confusion spread through her. "Excuse me?" "Mom," her eyes widened, "My name is Blaise." There was silence. She slowly made her way towards me like a zombie. She put her hands on my shoulders and not a second more I was engulfed by a hug. "Come on in." I walked inside. Do not cry. Do not cry. Do not- "Robert, get down here NOW!" she yelled. I sat down on a couch that hasn't been there when I left. "Should I get you some water or," I shook my head, "It's alright." My father stopped and looked at me, "Well hello!" he smiled cheerfully and sat down on a chair in front of me. Mom sat down next to him. "So what's -" "Robert!" My dad looked at mom. Mom stared back with worry. "SHE is Blaise." I think my dad had died or something because he wasn't breathing. He looked back to me, "Baise. Blaise!" He came up to me and squeezed the life out of me. He was still freakishly strong. "Sorry if we can't say anything but were just speechless." That's when we all started crying. "Look, um, mom may I ask you a question?" My mom nodded trying to dry her tears. When both of them were done, I went serious. "You didn't burn the letter up, did you?" She shook her head. "After the hunters came, yes." "We couldn't-" "I understand dad. It's ok the only thing I could ask for if you met the leader?" They bobbed their heads wide eyed. "Can you describe what he looked like?" I pleaded. They both looked very worried. "I'm sorry but we can't describe them because we don't remember." I was dumbfounded. "How? You said they came to the house!" Dad sighed. "They did but gave us this memory thing so we know what happened but we don't know what they looked like. I frowned. "But there is one person who remembers clearly." I looked back up to them. "Your brother" My stomach dropped down.
  6. I said good bye to my parents for now. The others know that I would at least stay till midnight. My parents let me pick Edmund out of school early. So here I am, staring at the classroom door where my brother was at. Will her be mad? I exhaled the air that was keeping me in and I knocked on the door. The teacher opened it and I walked inside. "May I help you?" wow these people are so kind. I nodded, "I'm here to pick up my brother early, family emergency." "And who might that be." I smiled and turned towards the classroom. They were staring at me, a lot of them checking me out. -_- Thank god Blake isn't here or he would go crazy. I stopped at a familiar face. I smiled. "Edmund," I said, waving my hand to come here. I could see the color drained out of his face. People started whispering. Everyone knew who I was, I think. He slowly got up in a trance. A moment not to soon Edmund was hugging me, I must say he gotten the strengths of his father. I smiled and relaxed by hugging him back. "Come on, it's time to go to your home." We left with an unconscious teacher. That was funny. *PuffBall laughing so hard. I love it when that happens. So typical? Righhtttt. Well you don't know what will happen next. It would be a shocker... ya. Whoa I gave away something. :O Back to the story*
  7. When we got home I couldn't take it anymore. We all couldn't take it anymore. Tears were flying all over the place. When everyone calmed down; we all started being serious on the subject. "He was only twelve years old, very young for a leader but not my problem." After a while of explaining I realized who the leader was. I didn't like it at all. I couldn't believe I was that close to him. I sighed. Blake is not going to like this at all. "I have another thing I have to tell you also, Blaise." I turned to him. "I'm a Mer also, but not one of the elemental ones." I blinked. "WHAT!" I yelled. I wasn't thrilled at all. He just stepped into a dangerous life.
  8. ~~~~~P.O.V AREO~~~~~~ I flipped to a page that neither Blaise nor the others read. "˜What I'm about to tell you comes rarely in some cases. Only each 3,579 years when one of the elemental/the most powerful Mer's are born with a sibling, that sibling could be just a normal Mer. The sibling must be at least 15 to turn into a Mer. This is a rare thing to happen; it is an acceptation from nature...' Areo eyes widened when he calculated. How many siblings do we have? Blaise has one, Dawn has two, Adam has one, and Blake also has one. Five more Mer's; that we left behind! "GUYS, COME DOWN HERE NOW!" I wonder how Blaise is doing. Poor Blaise, she is going to freak!
  9. ~~~~~~P.O.V BLAISE~~~~~ Two hours ago I calmed down from what he told me. Right now Edmund was already packed and we all already told each other everything. We just watched an awesome movie, had dinner, and now we were standing outside, Edmund and I ready to leave. "Now remember," I told my parents, "Don't tell anyone on what we talked about. Not a soul." My parents nodded. I looked at my pink watch I had on my wrist. Exactly midnight, the protection was gone. Edmund and I started walking at far away from this place with our luggage so we could teleport somewhere nobody wouldn't see; the forest only a mile away. Edmund looked at me, "So, are you going to explain everything to me?" I shook my head. "When we get back to the mansion, yes." I smiled and punched him playfully. "Now tell how many girls have asked you out or fell over heels for you!" He blushed. He shouldn't, I cannot believe I'm saying this but my brother was HOT. I guess it runs in the family now. "And don't lie, I saw a lot of girls eyeing you!" I am so not lying. He sighed, "Only about all the girls in the school." I mischievously smiled. "Are you interested in a girl yet?" He shook his head, "No, all of them are just," he shrugged. I nodded. The silence was weird. We were still walking when I heard a crash. I froze. "Oh my god!" I started crying. I gaped and dropped my bags. Even though Edmund hadn't learned how to use his super senses, I still put them on almost all the time. Right now, I could hear the bloody screams of my parents, the fire burning. "What's wrong? Oh gosh, are you ok?" Edmund was trying to hold me up. I heard more stuff and I couldn't hear the heart beats anymore. I slowly looked at him, scared to tell me. "Mom and dad are dead, Edmund, their dead." I screamed in pain.
  10. It took all my will power to drag my shocked brother into running. Our bags weighed us down but we still kept running. As soon as we were hidden enough in the forest I teleported us out of there. We both landed splat like a banana on the floor I just started to know. PUFF HANGER!!!!!!!! (yea instead of cliffhanger, the traditional way to end these, I put my awesome name on it. Yeaaa..)
  11. @ singin234: I thanked you dumb dumb for being so nice and reading. *rolls eyes* Any who, I adored the "˜Crack of Dawn' and "˜Home for the Haunted'. :P seriously.:) well.. all your writing is always in a dramatic way. Anyway... I was just saying that they are really good and please hurry up cause I'm here dangling on the cliffhanger. @ xxblutixx: I almost, ALMOUST fell out of my chair when I read your part 31don't leave me hanging. Yea. You really are pushy aren't ya? I also grinned so much, gosh, when I went to school everybody keeps asking; "why do you have a mark right there?" ... don't get me started when I thought about it at school and laughed in the middle of a lesson in math. The teacher was about to send me to the nurse because she thought I was weird. In a crazy mental state laughing at nothing. Really. ... true story.. X.X @ AquaWinter: oh so now I'm getting a nickname on my nickname. Weirds! :O Anywho I don't whant to start on how I blew your mind when I wrote this quiz and the last quiz... yea I'm cool like that. And yes, he is very hot.. I'm not kidding... gosh stop reading and realize that he is hot. I'm serious he is! @ angelic4: I got it because I did the kind of quiz out of 100%.. XP ya! Yay me! OH YEA LOOK AT MY SWEET MOVED EVERYBODY! *dances like a pro* ohhh yea *dances to I'm sexy and I know andsorry for part rocking awesomely.* look at the queen!! *dances off the edge to call me maybe.* @Reckless and @ Dannica and @ Firey_Soul: It's official, you both are trying to KILL me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~! THE BEAUTIFUL WRITING IS OFF TO CHASE MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts scrambling out of my chair and runs the heck out of here* @ Purrsephone: ...... all I could day is ... ; whoa... that is a lot to take in..... @ Calypso1315 : and son of whoooo!!!!!!! Gahhhhhh!!!!!!! You couldn't just say what devin was !!! I'm mad at you now... @ James Bond : I'M READY FOR THE FUN!!!!!!!! MUAHAHHA! COME AND GET ME BABY!!!! *pulls out guns* ....... @_ViolaLover_: look viola, I don't think you need to worry about that because your writing is always beautiful and adventurous.. but what I do is when I go to sleep at night.. well before I go into dream state I imagine what should I do next .. and other quiz series cause is super fun.. but really watch out for those dreams.. when I started... my dreams were more supernatural and weird and longer... than I thought... and I could remember.. but whatever... :) as always... KEEP ON PART ROCKING!!!!

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