The Magic Hat (part 2)

My name is Jennifer. The ravine in my backyard gave me this idea. I hope you enjoy this story and Have a great day! !


Created by: Jenniferdu

  1. Previously...
  2. My best friend Nicole and I heard a sound in the woods. It was a squirrel. When I stroked the squirrel, a magic hat appeared beside it. Nicole told me to put it on. I did. I began floating up. Nicole tried to help me get down. The squirrel touched the hat and told me to take it off. I knew squirrel language. I went down slowly and I asked the squirrel to be our pet. It agreed.
  3. And now, part two...
  4. Nicole and I was having a stroll around the woods again. The squirrel ran around a lot. It was so cute. Nicole climbed the trees with the squirrel. Since I kept calling it "the squirrel", I decided to make up a name for it. "What about 'Cute Fast Awesome The Best Brown Squirrel?'" Nicole suggested. "No, WAAAY too long." I said. " What about 'Lightning'? It's really fast." "Yes!" cried Nicole. I said to Lightning that its name was Lighning. It loved that name.
  5. I went to a place in the forest while carrying Lightning and the hat. The trees looked different. There were lots of rocks. The sun was shining through the trees. Nicole heard Lightning's teeth chattering. I did, too. We could tell that it hadn't been here before. I stroked his back. Lightning began to calm down. Later then, I found out that MY teeth were chattering, too.
  6. I had a feeling that we were lost. The cold wind blew across my face. Brrrr, it was cold. I was scared. I huddled up against Nicole. She knew that I get scared easily.the hat began floating away. "Oh no, the hat!" Nicole and I exclaimed at the same time. It sparkled different colors as it flew. We chased after it. Even Lightning climbed up a tree, jumped off and tried to catch it. Watching Lightning try to catch it made me feel better because that little squirrel was so cute!
  7. We followed the hat. When it stopped, I noticed that we were at the house of my best friend, Jada. I knocked on the door. Jada was home. "Hi, Jennifer! What's up?" she said. "Well, Nicole, this squirrel and I just got lost in the woods. The hat..." I gestured for her to look at the hat."... Brought us here. Can you help us get back to my house, where the adventure started?" I finished.
  8. Before Jada said even one word, the hat floated away again. "Oops, I think that hat is going to bring us to my house now! Toodles! " I said. We went back to the woods...
  9. ...waded through the stream...
  10. ...and to my backyard! I went through my back door and made some coffee for me and Nicole. My hands were still shaking. "Boy, what an adventure!" cried Nicole. "Yup," I replied. " I wonder what next time holds in store!"

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