The Love Story That is Yours Part 8

ok i hate this take parts 1-7 if you havent plz comment i like pie and cats im a cat person im gonna go work on my story for another site lalalala i like barbie

is that weird i think it is cookies for all and i was surprised to know ppl rly read this how werid i hate this do u ppl read the parting words i dont unless im told

Created by: PersonXD

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  1. Ok I would like to apologize for this taking so long, I was working on a story for another site, if u want to no wat site leave a comment and I will tell u but be warned it sucks. And 2 I was waiting for someone other Jake to b said and so ty to EttaMalfoy it will be ben. So um I think u all no that u must take parts 1-7 to get it and I am thinking of ending it soon like after the boys days and then I will make like 3 more to wrap it up yes or no plz tell me wat you think in comments so thx btw Mrs. Malfoy relint k does rock
  2. You wake up at 7:30 and go to the kitchen for breakfast, “MORNIN’ WORLD,” you say. “Ahh, you murdered my ears, why, why me? What did I do?” Derrick joked. Ben reached for a bowl and some cereal, then burst out laughing.
  3. “What is so funny?” you ask very curious. “This bowl,” Ben replies, everyone laughs at his reply, “no really what?” you ask again. “This bowl,” he then puts his face in the bowl, “if you can’t see how this is funny you have no humor.” Says ben sobering up.
  4. You roll your eyes and pop in some toaster waffles, you then eat them not really talking to the boys but rather listening to him absent-mindly. When you are asked a question you don’t realize until Ben taps you shoulder and asks you again, “hey, last night while I was working on a song, my bass broke a string, do you want to come with me to get it fixed, the boys all said they have better things, so I think what I’m asking is would you like to come?” Ben was now rambling.
  5. “Sure sounds like fun.” You say. “Really, ok be back down here in ten then we’ll go.” “Alright.”
  6. You get ready and go, back down stairs running into Ben who picks you up and apologizes, then runs to the car calling out behind him “I’ll race you to the car, and I will win.” You call back “you’re on Benny Boy, and you better like dust because you’re about be eating mine.” You two race out to a red Ford 1998 and lose by about 10 seconds.
  7. You get in the car and roll, down the windows, manually. Ben starts the car and you both get going your going to a town about an hour away, and Ben I laughing listening to you go on about this car being a hunk of junk, “well, it’s better than nothing aren’t you baby?” says Ben. The car revs up in reply, and you laugh.
  8. You both stop at a green light and Ben says, “I’m gonna race this Toyota and it’s gonna lose.” “Are you sure it’s a lot newer than this hunk of junk.” Ben only gives you a look of disbelief before the light turns green and he races past the Toyota saying, “That’s right baby you can’t beat the classic American car, I win you can’t beat a car made with real iron in America, go back to Japan and ask them to make you with iron not chopsticks.” Ben laughs thinking he’s won to soon, the car can’t handle the pressure and stops yes stops.
  9. Bens gets out and tells you to the car to the side, he pushes the car and steer the car to the side of the road and get out. Ben opens the hood of car, and starts to tinker with it “We’ll be here a while.” He says and you laugh. Sure enough you guys are stuck there for five hours while he fixes the car.
  10. “Ok start it,” he says and crosses his fingers. You started it and it works you both celebrate it because the last the four times it didn’t work. He gets in the passenger seat and you drive until you get to the store you were looking for. You get the bass fixed and ride back laughing the whole way. Ben gets out and helps you with the door because it’s stuck you fall out and Ben catches you, you look up into his brown eyes for a couple moments and you two connect. He breaks the silence “wow youre a clutz.” You both laugh and go inside.
  11. Alright thx for taking the quiz I need who u want next? Not jake I repeat not jake, so um I think that’s all bye. btw jake is still mad at you.
  12. P.S. Who do you love?

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