The Love Novel (part 1)

The Love Novel is my new story! This is the first chapter, and i hope you enjoy it. The plott and description of the book is below, so read if you want to get all the information!

Lucy is a 13 year old, unpopular girl stuck in the middle of highschool. She secretly is in love with a popular boy, but Unpopular girls are unable to date popular guys. She gets very emotional- but Lucy's best and only friends, Jessie, Charlotte and Rachel make up a plan...

Created by: OmegaWolf

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  1. Lucy stepped across the school field, watching every move her feet take. The rain dripped like small bullets, coming from the overcast sky. She held a ripe, polished, red apple, protected by her fists. Lucy lifted up her head, and stared deeply ahead for a short time.
  2. The grass absorbed the sky liquid like a sponge in the salty sea. Lucy gave a big sigh as the eerie sound entered her ear drums. "This is life..." she told herself. "This is lifes feeling..." She said, adding on an extra word.
  3. "HEY LUCY!" Her best friend shouted from above the hills. The girl stood dead still, as if she was stunded. A leaf floated in the sky, as the wind was letting off a strong gust. She grabbed the leaf- just in time with the tip of her fingers, and examined it.
  4. "Lucy!" Her friend shouted once more. Turning around, Lucy saw 3 bodies racing towards her. Jessie, Rachel and Charlotte. "Where's Mark?" asked Rachel, while consuming a sandwich. "You told us you would work with him, on this science project?" Lucy Blushed, searching through a bush for something- but she wasen't sure what.
  5. The three girls stood patiently by the bush. Lucy finally spoke. "I..." she was interrupted by a large group of popular boys and girls, shouting out, interrupting the football match going on in the courts.
  6. They screamed and chanted, at the top of their lungs, enough for everyone to hear. "The populars..." Charlotte said, in a small voice. All the other girls groaned... except Lucy. She spotted Mark, the tall boy with thick, black hair and a fringe, that flicked to the side. A few of the girls surrounded him. Rachel looked at Lucy, then at the crowd. "Lucy..." she said.
  7. Lucy was still staring at the crowd. They where entering the basketball courts. The sharp squeak of the door echoed in to the atmosphere. "LUCY" Rachel shouted again. Lucy turned her head towards Rachel, like a spinner. "What?" she replied, solemly. "You know the popularity rule, right?" Lucy pulled a confused face in her eyes, which clearly read a "no" face. Rachel looked at Charlotte and Jessie, and they looked at her, and nodded. "Lucy... the popularity rule is that... Unpopular girls and date Popular guys, and vice versa"
  8. "Wait... WHAT?" Lucy shouted. "You think i have a CRUSH on Mark?" Her friends just staired at eachother. "It's kind of obvious" laughed Jessie. "Yeah!" Answered Charlotte. Lucy didn't say another word. She stepped across the field, heading toward the school building. A salty tear fell from her emotional eyes. One the other hand- Mark stood by the gate, seeing the upset unpopular girl walking slowly across the feild. He smiled shyly, and turned away. His Brown coloured eyes blinked as the rain dripped on to his forehead and nose.
  9. "Maybe we should see what's up with Lucy now..." said Charlotte, lowering her voice, as her friends entered the building. A room with about 1,800 students filled up the spaces, and made everyone blend in. "Where is that mood cow?" Jessie moaned. They all ran, seeing their friend, reading a book and still carrying the polished apple and leaf. "Mhm..." Charlotte mumbled. "Charlotte... you have an idea don't you... I can tell!" Whispered Rachel. "Yes i do, Rachel... Yes i do.."
  10. The bell rang, like a fire alarm to tell every student to get to the lesson. Lucy collected her things, and slipped them in to her bag, she lifted herself away from the chair, strapped the bag around her shoulder and went to enter her lesson. "Ok here is our plan" quickly plotted charlotte...

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