The life between magic & boys Pt. 5

Well things get sort of violent, and there's interesting things that the guys say in here. So just please don't report my quiz, if its to much for you to handle or anything, just don't take it :P

Well I tried to make things interesting in this one, and hopefully it worked? But honestly IDK :P please comment what you think, hopefully there positive comments, and share them w/ your friends pleassseee (:

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. Re-Cap: Your with the guys who are freaking out about something your clueless about and then Josh gets SUPER mad. You go upstairs w/ Calisto and he's about to tell you the truth..
  2. "We're immortal.." He says. You just stare back, you never really saw it coming. "What? So you guys never feel pain, or have to eat or anything like that?" You ask. " Immortal w/ us is different then what you see in the movies. We still feel pain, get hungry, get sick. We just cant die unless we catch this disease which is deadly to us." He explains. "So how did you become immortal?" You ask. "Its in our genes, we got it from our parents." He says. "So your parent are immortals to?" "Not exactly, they just had the genes to make us immortal.." He says. You feel bad because you remember his parents aren't with him anymore. "Oh, I'm sorry.." You say. "Its ok" He smiles at you.
  3. "IM GOING TO KILL YOU!" You hear Josh yell from downstairs. "Stay here!" You see Calisto sprint down the stairs. You stay up there worried. After 5 Minutes you go downstairs. "_____ i said stay!" You hear Calisto say. "Oh my god! What is that?!" You scream at the top of your lungs. Your standing across the room from a horrifying monster. Its body has muscles ripping out of it from head to toe, it has pitch black spiked wings sticking out from its back, it has horns the size of a yard stick, and its eyes, huge and blacker then the devil himself. You were terrified.
  4. "____! You have to leave! NOW!" Max says to you. "Come on!" Alex grabs your hand and drags you up the stairs. "What is that?!" You yell. "Its the Incubus!" He tells you. "Whats an Incubus?" You both run up a spiral stair case that seems to go on forever. Its so small your shoulders are just barely scraping the brick walls. You finally come to a huge wooden door. "Crap I forgot the key!" He says. "OH MY GOD! What do we do now?!" You freak out hearing something come up the stairs, and you know for a fact that it isnt any of the guys. "Dont worry, hold on." Then you see Alex's arm go through the door. "I didn't know you could do that." You stare at him. "We haven't exactly told you everything.." He opens the door and you guys walk in.
  5. *CRASH* you see bricks flying everywhere. The whole staircase wall was destroyed, all you see are the tiny cement stairs and the dark sky behind the Incubus. Its eyes were now glowing a dark bloody red, it looked like it hadn't slept or ate in days. It let out the ugliest, loudest roar you have ever heard in your life. It sent chills flying up and down your body. You are in horror. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER." Alex's eyes change from a gorgeous blue to blood-shot red. "oh my god..." You stare at him. "Hey fugly. Over here." You see a brick go flying at super speed at the Incubus's head. It looks pissed now. You see it turn around to Josh, his eyes are gold. He jumps and tackles the Incubus. You see them fall off the side of the stairs and go flying below you, which is 50 something feet.
  6. "Josh!" You yell looking over the ledge, almost falling off but Alex catches you. "Don't worry about him, c'mon." He carefully leads you down the stairs. You walk into the living room where you find Calisto and Max fighting off blackheart's. Which are demons with black leathery skin, blood red eyes, and long flowy spikes for hair, You see Calisto cut one of there heads of with a machete, and max stabbing the other one in the heart with a sharp fireplace tool. All the blackhearts are gone, and they disappear into black dust.
  7. "____ you ok?" Calisto says as hes wiping blood off his face. "I.. have no idea what just happened tonight..." You say in horror. "Look ___... Don't be mad, we didn't want to tell you the truth yet and we didn't know the Incu-" You cut Max off. "When were you planning on telling me the truth? If it weren't for the Incubus, I wouldn't know anything! And I still don't even know the truth! All I know is Alex has red eyes now, Josh has gold eyes, you guys have a disgusting monster as a enemy who wants to kill me, and I don't even know why! So give me a reason why I shouldn't be mad!" You yell. You feel angrier then ever and go up to your room.
  8. You go in you room and take a shower, since your hair is full of leaves, and dust. When your done you changed and just lay on your bed thinking about what had just happened. *Clink* you hear something hit the door on the deck. You get scared so you go grab the bat Josh gave you just in case. You open the door to the deck and go to swing. "Woah! Woah! Woah! Its just me.. oh hey, I see your using the bat I gave you" Josh laughs.
  9. "Josh! Your ok!" You say hugging him. "Yeah I took a hard landing but I got rid of Jake for now.." He says shutting the door. "Can you at least tell me the truth?" You ask him. "Well.. you deserve to know.. So yeah." He smiles at you, "but I want the guys to be here, they have to explain there parts too." He says. As angry as you are with them, you just want answers, so you agree.
  10. "Lets go to the library." He says. "Okay." You guys get up and walk up to the 3rd floor. "Max! Alex! Calisto!" Josh yells down the stairs. You and Josh go sit down at the large wooden table. "Yeah?" Max pops his head in through the door. "We're telling her the truth, NOW." you could of swore you saw Josh's eyes turn gold, and then to green again. "Alright.." You see Max walk in followed by Alex, and then Calisto. "Sorry we didn't tell you the truth _____." Max says to you. "Its okay, that's why your telling me right now." You smile, and he laughs. "So where do we start?" Alex asks Josh. "Start by telling me what that thing was.." You shiver just thinking about it again. "You mean the Incubus?" Calisto says. "Yeah." You reply. "Uh, well do you know what an Incubus is at all?" Max asks "Nope, nothing." You say. "Well an Incubus, is a demon that likes to uh.. 'mate' w/ girls.." Josh says. "Wait.. WHAT?" your disgusted. "Incubus like to 'mate' w/ gorgeous, powerful girls in order to become a father, and have powerful children..." Max explains to you. "Why would >I< ever want to, be with THAT?!" You freak. "That thing you saw tonight, that's only what they transform into when they want, But when there normal... There usually really attractive guys.. which is how they get the girls.." Alex finishes. You hear Josh scowl.
  11. "Why does that bother you so much?" You ask Josh. "I don't want to talk about it." He gets up and leaves the room. "WHAT THE HECK? I thought you guys were going to answer my questions.." "Josh had a hard past with the Incubus.." Max said. "What happened?" You ask "Well you know were immortal right?" Calisto says. "Yeah, what about it?" You ask "Well we've been around for awhile.. and in 1829 Josh feel in love w/ a girl named Katherine, she was a really good girl.. and then one day this new guy named Jake came into town. Josh and him became best friends, then one day he just transformed into what you say tonight, the Incubus." he continues, "Josh freaked out, he didn't know he was immortal until after that day, so he couldn't do anything. Jake took Katherine..." Calisto finishes. "oh my god.. I had no idea.." You stand up to go find Josh, but Alex stops you. "Not right now, he wont tell you anything." You sit down again. What are you thinking?
  12. "So.. what exactly did he do to Katherine?" You ask "That's the worst part for Josh.. He saw Jake fly away w/ her and never saw her again, it use to haunt him every night, not knowing what happened to her. If she was dead or still alive. He wanted to look for her more then anything.." Max said. You must of showed a worried expression because Calisto said "Don't worry ____, we wont ever let him near you." "Yeah, I'll rip him into a million pieces and throw him in into the deepest part of hell before he can even touch you." What Alex says makes you smile, and feel so much better. "Thanks guys" You laugh.
  13. "So uh.. Whats up w/ you and Josh's eyes?" You ask Alex "Oh.. now its time to explain that.." He laughs awkwardly "Well uh I'm immortal by genetics, but I also found out when i get mad, or protective my eyes turn red. My dad was a demon, but not a bad guy I guess you would say. He met my mom and well feel in love w/ her and had me. So I have the genetics in me." He says looking down "Don't worry, your still Alex to me" You laugh and push him, he laughs and you can tell he feels a lot better. "What about Josh?" You ask. "We don't exactly know about his eyes.. If he had the genetics I have his eyes would turn ether red or black. His are gold and we cant figure out why." Alex says "Oh, hmm weird" You say.
  14. "What about the thing you did when your arm went through the door?" You ask "We have more powers then what we told you." Max tells you "So tell me all of your guy's powers.." You say "Well Josh has super strength, flying, force field, and super speed. Max can read minds, move things in his head, manipulate, and teleport. Alex can turn invisible, absorb energy, walk through things, and has insane super stretch. I can time travel, cause illusions, duplicate myself, and shoot acid/poison." Calisto finished.
  15. "Oh my gosh, so what do i have?" You ask. "Well so far what we've trained you with, which is invisibility and reading minds." Alex says. "Oh how many powers do i have?" You ask "No person has a certain amount, you could end up just having those two, or with every power." Max explains. "Oh.." You say "Well I've had one interesting day, so I'm going to go to bed now." You get up and go to your room. Your exhausted, so you change and go lay on your bed. You fall asleep. You start dreaming. Your in a prairie, its super pretty. You start hearing what sounds like wings whooshing, like something flying. You turn around but your blinded by the sun. You put you hand in front of your face to block the sun. "Oh my god.. NO!"
  16. Well that's the end of Part 5. I hope you guys liked it, Im trying to keep things interesting, please comment and rate?

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