The life between magic & boys Pt. 28

Welcome to part 28 guise! (: sadly part 26 AND 27 didn't show up on new quizzes list. I'm keeping an update on the "Feedback and Updates" forum so if you've missed out just check the one that says "The Life Between Magic and Boys" and whats the feedback on Ezra? What do you think about her so far

Descriptions: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Re-cap: Ezra heals Alex, who got bite by a shark, who was suppose too bite Jake. After Ezra says you need to tell Jake about it so you drive to Cory's. When you get there you tell him, and him and Cory argue about telling you the truth, but ends up not telling you because you get called back to the house. When you get back you run into Patch who also needs to tell you the truth. He told you he's a fallen angel.
  2. "What have I survived?" You asked. It sort of worried you how people were looking for Patch. What would they do to him? "Patch.. what if they kill you?" Your heart started pumping faster. "They can't.. I mean.. I Can't die." He stared at you. "You can't die? Why? Wait.. are you an immortal too?" You questioned. He rubbed the back of his neck. "No. I'm a fallen angel." You looked at him bewildered. It was one thing reading it in a book, but Patch? This was reality, and it was suddenly all changing. "What?" You sort of stared at him. "I'm a fallen angel. I feel along time ago. and that's when I met you in your past life." He looked around. "I- my past life? Your a fallen angel? Ah.." You messaged your temples, a little overwhelmed by all the news and truth flying at you.
  3. You felt a load of stress fall on your shoulders. It was to much to handle, especially all at once. "I can't do this right now Patch. I- I just can't. It's to much." You stepped around him but he grabbed you by your elbow. You didn't turn around though, you just stood there waiting for him to say something. But he didn't. All you heard was a big flutter and whoosh. Like a flock of birds all going up to fly at once. You slowly turned around and your jaw dropped. Everything would of been normal, except for the two giant wings behind Patch. "Y-you have wings? There so.. so dark." You stared at them. Patch had two large black wings. They were dark as night, and as big as Josh's. They looked soft, and would of looked vibrant, but the black wore that away. You reached out an touched them lightly with your finger tips. You saw Patch shiver in pleasure. His wings were soft, and feathery. "wow.." You whispered and walked a circle around Patch, observing his wings in every angle.
  4. "I don't want this to change anything." He said as soon as you returned in front of him. "It won't. It's just hard for me to process all of this. I mean my life isn't normal, and I've got to accept that, but it takes time for me to get use to new things." You stared Patch's wings as he furled them in. He was back to looking his normal self. Grey v-neck, Black leather jacket, dark levi jeans, timberland boots and the thin grey chain that looped around his neck and complimented his collar bone. Patch stared at you with his coal black eyes. "You'd better head back before they think you tried to swim away." He nodded his head towards the house. You laughed at his comment. "I want to know the story. About my past. Our past." You played with your fingers as you said this. "Soon." He gave you a soft smile and turned to walk to Ezra's jeep.
  5. You walked up the dirt path. The woods were a lot darker then usual since the clouds were a dark gloomy grey. You shoved the door to open it but it was locked. You knocked on it and a few moments later Max opened it up. "Xavier's on his way." He shut the door behind you. "Any idea why he's coming?" You asked. Max shook his head. "Nope." "It looks like a big storm is coming in." Josh said walking into the living room. "I don't think Xavier is going to make it then." Calisto said from the couch. "Maybe, he should show up any minute though." Max sat down next to Calisto and turned on the TV, flipping to a movie. You blew out a deep breath, releasing some of your stress. Patch was a fallen angel. That was something new, and un-expecting. His wings were so black, but you had a creepy attraction to them. The touch was so soft, it was unbelievable. They were similar to Josh's, yet nothing alike. Josh's were white, with gold dancing on the tips of each feather, and they were flowing. Patch's were dark, like a crows, and were firm, but soft. You kicked your shoes off and walked to the kitchen to grab something to eat.
  6. After you finished eating you came back into the living room. Somebody knocked on the door. "I'll get it" You offered and walked over to it. It was already storming out, and it was getting darker by the minute. You opened the door and froze. "Nice to finally meet you in person ____." Erika was smirking at you. There were two guys standing behind her standing in black. It recalled you to the day when you and Jake were hiding in the library. You held a scream in the back of your throat. "How'd you get through the barrier?" You questioned trying not to show any fear. She shrugged. "Let Xavier in." Max said coming up to the door. The muffin in his mouth fell to the floor. "What are you doing here?" He stiffened up and came between you and her. "Just came what I've been looking for." She gave Max a flirty look. "You made a bad decision coming here Erika." Max growled. "And you made a bad decision hiding ____ from me." She snapped back. "Show him." She tilted her head to the side and barked the orders to the men behind her. They moved around her and showed up with Xavier in there arms, beaten and bruised. You gasped. "What did you do?" Max tried to move forward to get him but one of the men held him back. Erika waved a finger in the arm. "I don't think so." She let out a cold laugh.
  7. Max waved you off to go get the guys. "Guys!" You called up the stairs. A few moments later Alex appeared at the top of the stairs. "Yes?" He was shirtless. Of course. This was about the worst timing to be drooling over a gorgeous guy with an amazing body. You flashed your eyes away. "We have a problem." You said. "Wanna come up here and I'll fix it?" You didn't even have to look up to know he was grinning. "Nows not the time for that. Erika's here..." There was a moment of silence. After not talking for minutes you looked back up. Alex was no longer there. "I said Erika's here!" You yelled running up the stairs. Once you reached the top you bumped into Alex who now had a shirt on and was followed by Josh, Tyler, and Calisto. "Let's go." Josh's eyes were gold. "˜Oh crap' you thought. You followed them down the stairs and to the door. Max was pinned to the wall by the mysterious guys in black. "Let him go." Josh boomed walking up to them. Erika said something and they retreated back behind her like obedient dogs. "What are you doing here? How did you get through the barrier?" Josh wasn't showing one bit of sympathy in his voice. Erika laughed. "Thanks to you and your little friend here," she glared at Xavier who was unconscious. "the Immortal Society decided to take away everyone's powers." She snapped. "They took away our powers?" He looked over at Max who gave him a shrug.
  8. "Ezra told me about it." You finally spoke up. The guys all looked at you. "Its her fault though." You stared at her. "She's the reason there taking away our powers. Because of what she's going to do." "My my. The girl can speak for herself." She tried taking a step into the house but Josh walked in front of her, cutting her off. "I can do much more then that." You stared back. You had no idea where this surge of confidence had come from, but you were using it to your advantage. She gave you an amused look. "What is it that I'm trying to do?" She asked eyeing you. "You want to gain more power by joining the Nephilim society. There looking for me, so you want to turn me in for your own power." Words poured out of your mouth, you had no idea where they were coming from. She looked like she had just been slapped. It was obvious your answer surprised everyone. "and what about Jake?" She asked. "˜Don't do this' You thought to yourself. The guys had no idea you had any communication with Jake what so ever. If they found out, they would be angrier then ever. "What about him. He's YOUR boyfriend." It hurt to say those words. She scoffed. "EX" "Does it matter you know you still have feeling for him." She glared at you. You both knew she still wanted him. That was your advantage. Jake. He wanted you, not her. "Don't act like you know everything. I've got him wrapped around my finger." She smirked. What did she mean by that?
  9. "You need to leave." Calisto finally stepped up. "I just came to warn you all. Its going to be easier for all of you if you just hand her over to me. No one will get hurt." She stared at the guys, one by one. "I'd die for her." Tyler spat on the ground in front of Erika and walked away. You didn't expect that from Tyler, but what he said sort of messed with you. You didn't want anyone dying for you. That would be selfish. "Like I said. I'm just warning you." She turned around and stomped off. The guys holding Xavier threw him on the ground and followed her. Josh quickly picked him up and laid him on the couch. "Call Ezra." You nodded and fished in your pocket for your cellphone. You realized you didn't have her number. "Tyler, I need her number." He took out his phone and handed it to you. You flipped through his contacts and dialed her. After a few rings she picked up. "Hello?" She answered in her normal quirky voice. "Ezra.." You said softly into the phone. "____ What is it?" Her voice changed quickly. "____? is she okay?" You heard Patch in the backround. "Ezra, it's your dad. He's hurt." You quickly broke the news. " What! What happened? Is he okay" Her voice began to sob. "Hello?" Patch was now on the phone. "Patch. Erika hurt Xavier." You said. "How did she get on the island? What happened to Xavier's barrier?" "I-I don't know. It must of not worked after the Immortal's shut off our powers." You explained. "I'm driving Ezra over right now." Patch said and you hung up.
  10. Tyler and Max did the best they can to treat Xavier's wounds. They weren't bad, but he was pretty bruised up. After 10 minutes Ezra barged through the door. "Daddy!" She flew herself onto her dad and sobbed. It broke your heart seeing her like this. Xavier was a good man, and Ezra was a good friend. You couldn't help but blame yourself. Someone cleared their throat and knocked on the door. You all turned to face the door. Patch was leaning agains the wooden door. "Snipe?" Alex asked confused. Patch nodded at him. "What are you doing here?" Josh asked also confused. "Close friend of Xavier's." Patch said in a low voice. "He's staying with me." Ezra explained in between sobs. They all seem satisfied with the answer and went back to caring Xavier's wounds. "His wounds aren't bad he should be fine. He'll wake up soon." Calisto reassured her. It would of been faster and better if Ezra could of healed her father, but since the Immortal's took away your powers, she couldn't do anything.
  11. Patch came up and sat next to you. He had his elbows on his knees and was leaned forward. "Are you okay?" He looked over at you and you nodded. The guys kept eyeing the both of you in suspicion. "˜Everything is going to be okay. I'm going to protect you' a voice said in your head. You looked around. Patch was still staring at you. "Did you do that?" It had been awhile since the voice spoke to you. "Do what?" He asked. "Speak to me.. in my mind." You glared at him. After he didn't deny it you finally knew it had been him the whole time. "How do you do that?" You whispered. "˜I'm a fallen angel' he said once again through your mind. It sent a tingle through your body. "Stop that." You shivered. "Stop what?" He grinned. "THAT." You stared at him. He gave you his sexy bad boy grin and laughed. Something groaned and you looked back over. Xavier was finally waking up. "Dad!" Ezra hugged Xavier tightly. You felt sad, remembering your dad. It had been almost six months since you've last seen him, or even spoke to him. Xavier let out a painful groan and hugged Ezra back. After they let go Josh asked him what had happened. "I was walking up your path and Erika came out asking me about _____. I was surprised when I saw her and told her I didn't know but she didn't believe me. She beat me for the answers but I finally passed out." He rubbed his head. "I'm going to get them back dad." Ezra said through sobs and gritted teeth. "No Ezra, you can't go after them when you don't have your powers. That would be a reckless move." He said in his accent. He smoothed her head back, comforting her. Xavier looked over at you and Patch. "Thank you for taking care of Ezra, Patch. Good to know I can count of you." Patch nodded in return
  12. "What are we going to do?" Josh asked. "They know were we live, and there's no barrier anymore. We're useless with out our powers." Josh threw his arms in the air in exasperation. "Cedric told me he trained you with weapons. Those aren't useless." Xavier heaved himself up. "Yeah but we don't have any weapons. Unless you consider my back scratcher dangerous, and deadly." Alex replied. You let out a stifled laugh. "Don't need to worry about that. I've got weapons. Lot's of'em." Xavier gave out a grin. "So do we just sit here and act like nothing happened?" Max asked. "Yeah I mean Erika wants ____, she could come back and we wouldn't know when." Tyler added in. "She won't be coming back anytime soon." Patch said. "How are you so sure?" Tyler asked. "I just know." He replied standing up. They all stared at him. "I should be going." Patch walked to the door. "Glad your okay Xavier, see you at the house." Patch opened the door but stopped. His jaw clenched. Jake was standing at the door.

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