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  • EPIC AWESOMENESS ! first of all, we need a plan to MURDER Erika. She better know that "i'm" coming for her ! Erika hunt ! xP I just love Patch..I didn't like him in the start but everything's changing. He's such an amazing character that would be awesome if he was real but lets be realistic and realise that fallen angels dont exist ! Patch is just so mysterious, i had a romantic past life with him, he's the attractive bad boy, makes me melt and hes amazingly hot..Can I marry him ;) ? BTW, THIS ROCKED THE ROOF OFF THE FREAKING HOUSE (:

  • I am totally devoted to Calisto, Why am I attracted to him you might ask? Why out of all the dangerous bad boys does he stand out for me the most? I'll tell you why,"actions speak louder than words" he hasn't said much, but what he's done speaks louder than all of the guys combined. He respected the fact that the main character girl liked other guys, so he waited paitiently for me. He has never freaked out over some misunderstanding that was created because of Erika, why? because he knew that my sense of character was true, he had complete faith in me. But you know the really really big reason why I love him out of all the guys there? I really feel like he's the only one who would truely protect me. Sure he hasn't made a devotion to protecting me like patch, sure he hasn't kissed me that much, and sure he's quiet and a little shy. But he stood up in front of Erika, ERIKA!!! you know the girl who turned him into a fairy, seperated him from his dad, and could kill him with a snap of her fingers. For Calisto, that's really tough, he doesn't say much to people he's comfortable with so to stand up to his worst fear who's completely shattered his entire life just for me... I'm shocked everyone hasn't noticed how much deeper Calisto is. Thank you Reckless Bam for making a character that is so rich with secrets and mystery that no one else seems to notice. But hey, if you like your guy go right ahead, less competition for me anyways. However, I hope there's more Calisto. I don't mind the guys in fact they're great guys but Calisto is the one who, IN MY OPINION, is the strongest out of all of them. If you disagree,(and I'm sure all of you will) that's fine, but don't tell me why your guy is better than Calisto. You have your taste in guys, and I'll have mine. (P.S I originally wasn't going to write a response because I knew everyone was going to critize me about favouring Calisto over everyone else. But she asked me and I decieded to speak my mind, thank you for reading)

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Uh oh jakes at the door! I hope the guys didn't see! Guys look there's a unicorn in the kitchen behind you!!! *they turn and I close the door quickly after telling Jake to meet me outside in a few minutes* (Alex:there is no unicorn in the kitchen!) oops I'm must be seeing things then! Hehe!

  • OOOooo Jake and Patch tension o.o it's all going down now, isn't it? Can't wait till part 28! And I seriously canNOT decide between Patch and Alex XP I have a couple favorite things about Patch:

    1. a bad boy
    2. an incredibly hot bad boy
    3. mysterious and sensitive...
    4. irkingly flirtatious
    5. fallen angel
    6. he's from Hush, Hush! X3

  • My favorite thing about Patch? He's my tall, dark, and handsome plus he's a total flirt. I love him so much!!!!! (I haven't forgotten about Josh though.) All the guys are so amazing and I would kill to have even ONE of them with me in real life.

  • Alex? Well, he sure does know how to make me burst out laughing..."Does my backscratcher count as a weapon?" XD Oh, Alex, you are hiarious! Oh, and Aex, hon? Alex: Yeah, babe? me: I killed the shark that hurt you with a totally awesome gun that I got from COD. Alex: O___O I love ya, babe me: I love ya too, hot stuff

    I crack myself up

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhh, no. This is about to get ugly. Us much as I love your quizzes, I was glad that I missed the 26 one coming out- I wouldn't of known what happened to Alex for FOREVER! Okay, not forever, but long enough that it would drive me insane. ONE thing I like about Patch? It's a bunch of things all together. Maybe the top is the fact the he cares so SO much about my well-being.

  • Hmmmm Patch..... A. He's mysterious and sexy B. He's incredabely hot C. We had a romance in my past life D. a incredably attractive bad boy E. Makes my heart melt. F. there's just sooo much more! xD

  • Ok I read your comment and gosh! I seriously respect you for this! Whv should they say anythng tho? lol I made 7 different guys for a reason :p

  • Yes, and they're all awesome and hot, no one can argue with that one XD

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Fav thing about patch:
    Fallen angel
    Good kisser
    And he so cute
    (But I like jake as well too...kinda)

  • my favorite thing about Patch?? where do i start! i had to say that the most favorite is his eyes ;))

  • I got patch! Ok so hes a bad boy ;)

  • Ahhhhhhhhh part 29 now, oh goodness, Jake, Patch, and the guys alltogether. Ahhhhh omfg ahhhhh


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