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  • As you probably know, I'm team Patch ;) (if the only choices are Jake and Patch, if you add in the other guys, then I'm not so sure XP) *bounces* I can't wait for Australia, we've been on this boat too long :P

  • Josh, Patch, or Alex? Dx I LOVE THEM ALL... and now that I think about it, I also like Calisto. Why do you have to make this such a hard choice??? Once again, that was an AMAZING story and I can't wait for the next one.

  • Ah jak forget the rest and go for Patch, he can patch up my heart anytime ;D, i would love if Cory was a result

  • Patch! luv him and can't beleive he got punched :( and I miss Josh XD and I'm totally split between the two XD at least they aren't brothers XD

  • Please make part 23 soon! Can't wait for Australia!

    elf maiden
  • i don't like like cody, but i like him as a friend.... JAKE!!!!!! how can the main chracter be sooooo fooolish for listting to that creep patch... GRRRRR! >:( BAD!!!! :P :D MAKE THE NEXT ONE.......*waites impatiently* HURRY!! :O

  • Team Patch all the way! uhg, typin with one hand 'cause i hurt my other one in my karate class >.> can't wait for the next one

  • god do u know how hard it is to read a quiz with a broken collar bone??!!! anyway LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! xD yah and TEAM PATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! :DDDDDDDD


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